Seers is a one-stop-shop for data protection solutions that will help you ensure your company complies fully with the GDPR. Seers also offers a reviews-based marketplace where you can get in touch with data protection experts and ensure your’e GDPR-ready.
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  • What Does DPO Stand For

    Why DPO’s Are Essential In Any Organisations

    What Does DPO Stand For DPO or a data protection officer is an organization security leadership role the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires as per law. However, DPOs must oversee t ...
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  • DPO officer

    The Role Of DPO Officer In An Organisation

    A DPO officer (Data Protection Officer) is an individual responsible for the GDPR compliance of an organization as we as their overall data security strategy. He acts as the key intermediary between t ...
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