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Seers optimise privacy compliance, allowing you to build, manage, and expand your business effortlessly. Join our partnership program now and unlock the endless possibilities of growth!

Our Partnership program will come with:

  • Generous commissions
  • Protect your client from financial penalties
  • Premium customer support
  • More business

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    The Seers Affiliate Programs enable web development agencies and advisors to provide their clients with privacy and compliance-focused management solutions.

    Partners Benefits

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    Association with the Seers customer base, which has grown 1000%+ in the last 12 months


    Our partners have the opportunity to earn commissions/discount for each client they bring.

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    We have personalised support base for partners from Seers technical teams


    AI and Machine Learning based over 20+ solutions by Experts and Analysts. Easy to integrate with your existing technologies

    Seers Reselling
    Partner Program

    Expand Your Business

    Introduce privacy products from Seers in your marketplace and broaden your range of products. Sustain current users and acquire new small and large-scale customers

    Act Independently

    Offer our privacy-compliant solutions to customers and autonomously manage the whole procurement

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    Reseller Discount

    Reseller Discount

    Save additional income by offering reseller discount

    Position yourself as a trusted partner

    Save additional income by offering reseller discount

    Entrance to Partner Community

    Entry into the Seers Partner Community and explore compelling co-branding opportunities

    Entrance Commissions

    Receive a commission of certain % on successful referrals

    Earn Commissions
    Get Rewards

    Get Rewards

    Get rewarded! Based on the clients you refer, you will get rewarded with premium partner badges

    Access Partners Content

    Access our partners content such as ppts, brochures, online pieces of training, guides for partners and white papers

    Award Winning Solutions

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    Leading Privacy &
    Consent Management
    Platform (UK) 2020
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    Chambers Global 2021
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    Best Privacy Program
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