Partner with the leading
Privacy and Consent
Management Company

Partner Program allows Privacy Experts and B2B Technology Companies to streamline Data Privacy focused engagements with clients

See Where You Fit

The Seers Affiliate Programs enable advertising and web development agencies and advisors to provide their clients with
privacy and compliance-focused management solutions

Seers Reselling
Partner Program

Expand Your Business

Introduce privacy products from Seers in your marketplace and broaden your range of products. Sustain current users and acquire new small and large-scale customers

Act Independently

Offer our privacy-compliant solutions to customers and autonomously manage the whole procurement

Reseller Discount

Save additional income by offering reseller discount

Position yourself as a trusted partner

Build a customer’s loyalty and trust by reselling the world’s leading data privacy solution to provide a fully compliant management system

Seers Reselling
Partner Program

Entrance to Partner Community

Entry into the Seers Partner Community and explore compelling co-branding opportunities

Earn Commissions

Receive a commission of certain % on successful referrals

Get Rewards

Get rewarded! Based on the clients you refer, you will get rewarded with premium partner badges

Access Partners Content

Access our partners content such as ppts, brochures, online pieces of training, guides for partners and white papers

Partners Benefits


Association with the Seers customer base, which has grown 1000%+ in the last 12 months


We have personalised support base for partners from Seers technical teams


AI and Machine Learning based over 20+ solutions by Experts and Analysts. Easy to integrate with your existing technologies


Our partners get sponsored at events and different opportunities to market their products as well