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compliant vs non compliant cookie banners |GDPR

Complying with GDPR Law is important.

And, no one wants to get fined – right?
But, using the requirements expectations under the Law of GDPR, Seers has created this Easy-to-Use Visual Guide of just what a “Compliant” Cookie banner looks like…

What is Lawful what is “NOT “GDPR compliant

Cookie Banner – Example 1

Cookie Banner - Example 1

NOT Compliant
This banner is NOT Compliant. Because, it
does NOT give a user the “free choice” to
Reject unnecessary cookies, which is a
legal requirement under GDPR.

Remember, making it easy for your website visitors to “Reject” Cookies is necessary to comply with the GDPR Law.

Cookie Banner – Example 2

Cookie Banner - Example 2

NOT Compliant
Here the user has NO choice, they are
“Forced“ to accept cookies. Rejecting
MAY be possible, but it is hidden away
under settings. This is neither “Easy” nor “Transparent.”
However, this is unlawful and non-Compliant with GDPR.

Cookie Banner – Example 3

Cookie Banner - Example 3

NOT Compliant
Again, here the user has NO choice and forced to Accept cookies or just close
the banner. This is unlawful.

Finally, here are some additional things that may not be obvious in the graphical examples, but required for GDPR Cookie compliance.

  1. You are required to have a GDPR compliant cookie policy
  2. You are required to have all Cookies & their purposes listed, in the Cookie policy.
  3. The cookie policy should be easily accessible and therefore, be linked to the Cookie Consent banner for ease and transparency.
  4. Prior Consent must be obtained before any Cookies are installed.

Here are the Laws related to Cookies and gaining Consent

cookie consent -gdpr1

cookie consent -gdpr2

Again I’m sure you’ll agree that complying with GDPR Law is important.

But you’ll glad to know

we’re taken away all the headache…..

Protect yourself with the UK’s no 1
“Cookie Consent” Solution

The following examples are GDPR Compliant “Cookie Consent banners.

Seers Cookie Banner – Example 4

Seers Cookie Banner - Example 4

Yes! Here the user has the choice to
either Accept OR Reject. Even better,
they also have the ability to choose which
Cookies under their preference settings.

However, choosing the individual preferences above is not as “Transparent” as they could be under GDPR.

So even better….

Seers Cookie Banner – Example 5

Seers Cookie Banner - Example 5

In this example the user can “Opt-in” to
Accept or leave blank to Reject. They
also have the ability to choose their
preferences upfront.

This is as fully “transparent” & easy as it could be under Laws of GDPR.

Getting Cookie Law Compliant is simple!

Seers is the Cookie Consent Banner – 100% built with GDPR in mind

Our Cookie Consent includes:

  • Free Cookie Audit tool, which scans & audits all website cookies installed
  • A fully customisable Cookie consent banner, plus 25 + Templates
  • our Logo and Corporate branding Free Cookie Policy – crafted by UK legal experts
  • Add your own Cookie purposes, or select from our 7 million Cookies database
  • Multi-Language
  • Cookie banners Keep track of all consents & Cookie scans for GDPR Audit purposes
  • GDPR, PECR, ePrivacy regulation and CCPA
  • Automatic scheduling of Cookie scans and automatic updates to your Cookie Policy

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