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GDPR compliant putting you at risk of fines

Cookie Banner - Example 1

This banner is NOT Compliant. Because it does NOT give a user the “free choice” to Reject unnecessary cookies, which is a legal requirement under GDPR

Cookie Banner - Example 2

Here the users have NO choice, they are “forced“ to accept cookies. Rejecting may be possible, but it is hidden away under settings. This is neither easy nor transparent. This is unlawful and non Compliant with GDPR

Finally, here are some additional things that may not be obvious in the graphical examples, but are required for GDPR Cookie compliance.

  • You are required to have a GDPR compliant cookie policy
  • You are required to have all Cookies & their purposes listed, in the Cookie policy.
  • The Cookie policy should be easily accessible and be linked to from the Cookie consent banner for ease and transparency.
  • Prior Consent must be obtained before any Cookies are installed.

Under the law, there are several things to
consider to ensure that you are Cookie compliant:

GDPR - Article 5

Art 5 - General Principle: Transparency and ease. The information & process for giving “consent” to the use of cookies should be clear and easy to understand to a website visitor.


“Which Cookies are being used must be easily seen & totally Transparent” "

GDPR - Article 12

GDPR Article. 12-Disclosure Information should be provided at the “first opportunity” to the user, explaining the purpose of the cookies & the rights of the user under GDPR.

This information should be in a form that is easy to understand and clear


“This information should be obvious, transparent & easy to understand. Plus you need to show a installed Cookies list - ideally in a Cookie Table” "

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Cookie Law (GDPR & PECR) continued...

GDPR - Article 7

Art. 7- Consent Where consent is required for the use of personal data, it shall be informed and “freely” given through an affirmative action. This will require there to be a clear “choice” and it should be given upon arrival on the website.


"An established and qualified
EU & UK representative service assisting you to become
compliant and acting as a liaison with the
respective authorities"


Privacy & Electronic Communications (2003) In the UK, for the use of cookies, the user must be informed as to what cookies are being used and their purpose, and users must be provided with an opportunity to Reject their use.


“IMPORTANT: They must legally have an opportunity to REJECT cookies” "

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Cookie Banner - Example 4

Yes! Here the user has the choice to either Accept OR Reject. Even better, they also have the ability to choose which Cookies under their preference settings. However choosing the individual preferences above is not as “transparent” as they could be under GDPR.

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