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Below are some of the Key Benefits of the Seers DPO Outsourcing service:

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With over 120 Expert data protection officers
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Outsourcing the data protection officer role to SEERS is far cheaper than hiring a dedicated, full-time staff member

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All of our DPOs are
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All Advisors and registered Businesses can Access our patented Data Protection Software & Tool kits…

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Whether it’s in-house or the occasional onsite visit, your new SEERS Data Protection officer
can work in house for as many or as few hours as you require

Pick from any 3 flexible options


Whether it’s in-house or the occasional onsite visit, your new SEERS Data Protection officer can
work in house for as many or as few hours as you require


GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance means your Data protection officer can work remotely with just the occasional site visit.


Some clients only want to book and a few hours “online” to get the Expert advice they require.

Hiring a SEERS outsource DPO is the Quickest, easiest way
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The DPO is worthy in the data technology marketplace. DPO is short for Data Protection Officer – an important role in companies. We appreciate that modern technological advancements have affected our live and business. Consequently, advancement has turned data into valuable currency. As such, measures must be taken to secure data to avoid personal data getting into the wrong hands.

DPO Meaning: The Definition and Function of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

As the name GDPR Data Protection Officer suggests, the primary function of a DPO is ensuring that all company data (concerning employees and customers alike) processes in adherence to data protection laws and policies. However, due to its emphasis on adhering to existing data protection laws, DPO role can also be described as data protection compliance. Likewise, the focus on securing data can result in the role of a DPO as a data security officer. Still, its a unique combination of security and compliance that makes DPO an indisposable part of a company.

Additionally, tech-based companies are not the only kind of companies or businesses that must hire a certified Gdpr DPO. Moreover, the companies must ensure they hire a DPO. Those categories are simply those companies that process sensitive data – like banks, for example. Even non-tech Online businesses that process the payments of customers or blogs that collect personal information for mailing lists, must ensure that they have a DPO to oversee the processing and control of said data.

What Companies Should Know About Hiring A DPO

As mentioned above, the processing of data is now a critical component for good corporate management globally. As such, companies that collect data on their employees and their customers must have measures in place to have them meet data security and protection requirements. To meet requirements, its imperative that companies have an officer dedicated to overseeing the same.

Importantly, hiring a data protection officer is not as difficult or daunting as it may seem from the outset. Because most of the work is already complete to ensure. The prospective officers meet the requirements and are qualified (as well as certified) to function effectively in the role. From there, DPOs are able to work with organizations to ensure that they help maintain the integrity of the company’s data privacy space.

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