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8 Crucial Tips to Grow Your Business


To grow your business you must be fast, fluid, and flexible. Besides hosting and attending networking events a growing business must be prepared to give back to the community through compassionate wealth. These eight tips will help your business not only stand out in a crowded field but also grow faster than moss on a wet rock.

1. Flexibility is Key to Growth

Successful companies all have one thing in common and that is a willingness to be flexible. Companies like Blockbuster Video, Blackberry mobile phones, and Motorola beepers failed to adapt to trends and see the future, so they all went the way of MySpace and Pet Rock. The aforementioned company’s failure to adapt enabled them all to succeed only as footnotes in business textbooks. Simply put, don’t be afraid to go with the flow if you want your business to grow.

2. Know Your Customer: Be Less Like Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola made business history when they ordered customers to “be less White” without realizing that such a racist mindset was not cool in the Twenty-First Century. Coca-Cola failed to understand that a large portion of its customers are not racist and White. The failure of Coca-Cola to know that their White customers came in all shapes and sizes led to a global boycott. African, Hispanic, and Asian White people felt deeply insulted. Non-Whites were also offended. If you want to grow your business, the lesson learned from Coca-Cola is to make sure that you know your customer. In order to grow your business, you must do more than just manifest a quality product, you must get to know your customers and offer outstanding customer service at all times. Knowing your customers allows a good business to nurture existing customers rather than insulting them while searching out new opportunities.

3. Build a Website to Grow Your Business

Today just about everything is marketed on the World Wide Web. Building a website to promote your business allows your company to reach a global audience in ways that never existed decades ago when institutions used newspaper ads and flyers to reach customers with their message. Newspapers are all but dead and primarily used nowadays to line the bottom of birdcages and passing out flyers in the age of Coronavirus can get you arrested for failing to follow social distancing laws. Therefore, a flexible company looking to grow its business would be wise to get with the times and hire a professional website developer to create a powerful website for your company.

4. Build a Fast, Mobile-Friendly Website

Most people use mobile phones to get information nowadays. To grow your business, you must create a mobile-friendly website. It should be simple for customers to use. Your web designer must create a fluid interactive website that includes customized features. Fast page speed is a must because if a mobile website doesn’t download in less than two seconds people with the attention span of a goldfish, which is most folks nowadays, will “swipe left” and ultimately leave your page quicker than Joe Biden at a press conference.

5. Write a Blog to Propel Your Business Growth

Create a regularly updated blog. Connect the blog to your business with stories about your business that will improve your website’s internet ranking. Writing a blog gives you the opportunity to address the interests and needs of your customers. Leave boring stories off of your blog. To build your business in the modern world make sure to write exciting blogs that show potential and existing customers who you are and what you’re trying to promote.

6. Seize Unique Opportunities to Create Exciting Press Releases That Will Grow Your Business

The Palm Beach Post Weekend Movie Listing Page, on October 30, 2010, listed the independent film titled, “Crackhead Jesus: The Movie”, as nine question marks, “?????????”, when it screened alongside cult movie classics “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick and “Pink Floyd’s The Wall”. The three award-winning films were showcased as part of the Modern Art Music Movement Midnight Cult Movie Series at the Movies of Lake Worth in Florida. It was the first time in history that a movie title was censored by a newspaper in the movie listing section. The Modern Art Music Movement wasted no time in capitalizing on this unique situation by using a press release to raise awareness about their film production.

7. Use PR Newswire to Distribute Press Releases

The Modern Art Music Movement capitalized on the historic moment by using a media database that exceeds one-million-seven-hundred-thousand contacts, including over seven-hundred thousand bloggers and social media influencers to propagate the curious press release. The exciting press release was distributed to five-hundred and fifty news content systems and reached more than forty-five hundred major news websites. To understand how the news story of “Crackhead Jesus The Movie” being censored reached all major news outlets, see website that explains in detail how your business can get global attention by using the power of a well-written press release. The stunning press release also managed to reach over three thousand newsrooms around the world. It was also networked with industry-specific trade magazines, influence bloggers, and journalists.

8. Partner with Key Influencers and Popular Bloggers

Nobody takes journalists seriously anymore therefore if you wish to grow your business you are better off aligning yourself with bloggers that are today’s key influencers. Bloggers, unlike journalists, have loyal followers that will not hesitate to try whatever products they recommend. To show potential and existing customers what you are marketing make sure to have a popular blog influencer promote your business.


To grow your business don’t underestimate the importance of information technology in the modern world. Today, successful businesses rely upon computer networks to connect them with customers, so it is safe to say that without a compelling website, blog, and positive press a business will fail to grow. Remembering not to make the same mistakes that Coca-Cola and Blockbuster Video did will help any business grow. In the end, understanding your customer and being flexible in a fast-changing world will drive growth by helping a company outsmart, outpace, and out-deliver competitors.

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