Child privacy and Facebook consent

Seers product updates are always at our prior concern. Child privacy and Facebook consent mode are the two new features. We are constantly enhancing our CMP and adding valuable features to help organizations effortlessly harmonize their privacy and consent management with legal obligations. The new features allow website owners to automate compliance and increase website accessibility with excellent acceptance rates. 

Here are our top updates in the cookie consent products that we’re incredibly excited about: 

Facebook Pixel Consent Mode

Now it is easy to use Facebook Pixel with Facebook Consent Mode. This feature provides options to enable or disable consent mode based on whether the user has consented to the relevant cookie category. 

Also, The Facebook Pixel has an in-built capability that allows visitors to provide consent, based on their preferences. Seers has full Facebook Pixel consent integration, allowing you to specify which categories should be enabled for Facebook Pixel. 

So, If you want to use Facebook consent mode, you’ll need to update the inserted Facebook code. It’s, however, easy to implement Seers’ Facebook Consent Mode with a few changes to the implementation code. See the step-by-step guide on how to implement Facebook Consent Mode. 

This feature is only available with our Best Value and Ultimate plans

Child Privacy Banner

Now, you can restrict children of certain ages from accessing the age-sensitive part of the website. This can be achieved with the child privacy banner, designed to help customers comply with the ICO’s Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC), also known as the Children’s Code, and ensure that the kids are safer online. 

So, the child privacy feature allows children or their parents or guardians depending on their age, to provide informed consent to process personal data on the website they are visiting through cookies and other technologies. 

Before allowing end-user access to the website’s content, the child privacy consent management feature asks them to self-certify their age and then displays age-appropriate information about the cookies and scripts used on the client’s website.

So, learn more about how this feature works, go to our Support article and for child privacy, click here

Unlimited Subdomains Scanning

So, now you can scan unlimited subdomains with Seers Ultimate plan. If you operate multiple websites from a single domain and/or your website has multiple sub-domains, Seers can collect consent from all of them under one root domain. 

Comprehensive Knowledge Base 

Now, you can interactively learn about the latest features by watching videos or following step-by-step guides. So, you can install them easily and quickly with our accurate and comprehensive support articles.

You can access all the knowledge base articles here. 
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