DPO Pain points in 2020

Here are all the main areas of concerns for a DPO. If you are worried too then read, learn and grow with us.

There have been over 160,000 EU GDPR data breaches since its implementation in 2018. The fines collected from these breaches total over €400 million. This challenges all businesses that fall in the jurisdiction of the EU. 

Here’s what worries the DPO’s the most. Hire a DPO for your company.

Brexit, technology innovation, and communications regulations

Brexit will trigger a lot of policy changes. It has to be the number concern here when considering the stress factors of the DPO’s. Things may become much clearer after the transition period ends on 31st December 2020. New stricter policies may arise for companies operating in England then.


CCTV is complicated technology. Public understands and demands their rights under the GDPR and also outside it out of awareness and education. DPO’s now are receiving more requests to access CCTV footage. There has to be an effective and proportionate policy to deal with subject access requests in this regard without compromising the privacy of others.

Image consents for marketing

The “legitimate interests” basis when using images is no longer adequate. You can just not show a marketing image to people, there has to be better consent and clear respect here. There are challenges in terms of recording consent and inclarity regarding the actions required when the consent is withdrawn. 

Perhaps with time and monetary investment this will improve.


Data security

Data Security is a join