6 Tips to Train your Employees in GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed how companies collect and process data. GDPR employee training teaches your employees all about privacy laws and their importance.

The GDPR outlines the regulations for data processing, but thorough knowledge is essential to ensure compliance.

This knowledge can come from GDPR training and lectures. Companies must have GDPR awareness training for their employees to confirm compliance.

In this article, Seers will explain the reasons for and provide tips and benefits of GDPR training. And also how you can get GDPR training for your employees. But first, why GDPR training is important?

What is GDPR Training?

GDPR training is like a course on handling personal information correctly. It teaches individuals and companies about the rules they must follow to protect people’s data.

This training helps people understand: 

What the GDPR is and why it matters: An introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation and its importance. 
How to Handle Personal Data: Find out how to safely manage and handle personal information.
If things go Wrong: Know what to do if there’s a data breach or other data problems.

Importance of GDPR Training

You must train everyone in your safety program. They should know their goals, what they have to do, and their responsibilities. Their training should be relevant, accurate and up-to-date. Practical training helps you to

  • Communicate Goals
  • Define Roles
  • Stay Current
  • Ensure Compliance.
  • Implement Policies

Is gdpr training a legal requirement?

GDPR training is a legal requirement because

Accountability: GDPR requires organisations to demonstrate compliance; training is critical to meeting this obligation.

DPO Responsibilities: Data Protection Officers must ensure employees are trained on data protection.

 Security: Training staff to comply with the GDPR’s organisational safeguards.

Controller Responsibilities: Data controllers must implement training measures to ensure GDPR compliance.
Avoid Fines: Inadequate training can lead to significant fines and compliance issues.

gdpr training for staff

Is gdpr training mandatory in uk?

To ensure compliance with data protection regulations, here are the key points about the mandatory nature of GDPR training in the UK:

Required for Compliance: GDPR training is necessary for organisations to comply with data protection regulations.

Employee Understanding: Training ensures employees know data protection principles and responsibilities.

Prevents Data Breaches: Proper training helps minimise the risk of data breaches and ensures the effective handling of personal data.

Mitigates Risks: Adequate training reduces the risk of fines and legal issues related to GDPR non-compliance.

GDPR Staff Training Requirements

GDPR staff training is essential for ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Here are the key GDPR training requirements:

  • Understand GDPR Basics: Employees must know what GDPR is and why it matters.
  • Practice Safe Data Handling: Teach employees how to securely process and store personal data.
  • Recognise Data Breaches: Train employees on what to do in case of a data breach.
  • Know Their Responsibilities: Ensure each staff member understands their role in maintaining data protection.
  • Stay Updated: Provide ongoing training to keep everyone updated on any changes in GDPR.
  • Apply Knowledge Practically: Encourage employees to use what they learn to ensure real-world compliance.

Benefits Of GDPR Training

The benefits of GDPR training are 

GDPR training provides certification that proves compliance and builds trust with authorities.

Data Subject Access Rights
Training helps staff handle Data Subject Access Requests effectively, in line with Article 15 of GDPR.

Reduced Human Errors
Proper training reduces human errors, a significant factor in cyber insurance claims.

GDPR online certified training offered by Seers can prove significant as we
have the best GDPR training procedures.

How Often Should GDPR Training Be Done?

  • Initial Training: Train all new employees when they join the company.
  • Annual Refresher: Give everyone a refresher course at least once yearly to keep them updated.
  • Regulation Changes: Offer extra training whenever GDPR change.
  • Role-Specific Needs: Schedule more frequent sessions for employees who handle sensitive data.
  • After Incidents: Provide immediate training after any data breach to address gaps.

Why Is GDPR Training For Employees Necessary?

Under both GDPR-UK and GDPR EU, GDPR training for employees is mandated.

“you have a legal responsibility to identify that an individual has made a request to you and handle it accordingly. Therefore, you may need to consider which of your staff members who regularly interact with individuals may need specific training to identify a request.”

Information Commissioner

So it is mandated under ICO’s regulations to arrange GDPR training for employees in the UK. Also, in GDPR-EU the Articles 70, 39, and 47 highlight the need for GDPR training for employees.

The topics primarily involved in GDPR awareness training for employees are:

  • Classification of Data
  • Rights of Data Subjects
  • Instant Response in Case of Data Breach
  • Consent
gdpr training

We offer specialised GDPR training tailored for different roles:

  • GDPR Training for HR
  • GDPR Training for Sales and Marketing
  • Data Protection Staff Awareness Training
  • GDPR Refresher Training
  • GDPR e-Training

Tips For Employees GDPR TRAINING

Seers has prepared a list of tips you can consider for your GDPR training of employees.

Consider Your Requirements

Here, you, as an employer, must assess your requirements first. Furthermore, you can tailor your GDPR training program based on the size of your organisation.

Small organisations must arrange GDPR training based on their resources, as they need help simultaneously.

Seers is offering GDPR online training for employees, whether you are a small or big organisation. So why risk it? Sign up and start for free.

Set Your Goals

 You need measurable goals; otherwise, your GDPR training could be more helpful.

It is good to set short-term goals. For instance, knowing that your employees cannot respond appropriately to data subject requests can help you define your goal for training drills.

Continuous Process

GDPR training of employees is a detailed and ongoing process. 

This means they should always be equipped to embrace new changes in every field, from data security to handling, to stay compliant with GDPR.

Are you worried about your GDPR compliance? Get your GDPR audit today with Seers. Sign up and start for free.


Your staff’s engagement in this GDPR training process is critical.

You must engage your staff in various ways to ensure the effectiveness of the GDPR training.

For instance, visual aids and videos can be of great use. However, online training is considered best because of interactivity, like Seers GDPR training, where in just 45 minutes, you can train your employees. Sign up and start for free.


Instead of focusing on theory, move toward practicality.

For instance, give your employees a dummy email marketing task and see how they handle it under the GDPR rules.

Patience Is The Key

Patience is the key, so you should expect gradual changes.

 Continuous training will bring gradual improvement with time because you are talking about changing your employees’ habits. 

gdpr training for staff

SEERS Online GDPR Training For Employees:

Seer offers UK’s Number 1 GDPR compliance training online. Seers have divided its training into 4 modules.

Also, there are different types of GDPR training materials for employees, like ultimate GDPR training guides to  GDPR for schools and GDPR for accountants etc.So train your employees in 45 minutes with UK’s no 1 GDPR online training. Sign up and start for free.

Undoubtedly, your employees are your biggest asset, and giving your staff GDPR training is the best investment you can make because GDPR trained employees can save you from a heavy fine of £18 million and public shame.

And when you can start for free with Seers, then why are you risking fines. 

Seers Online GDPR Training Course

Our GDPR Staff eTraining solution is an online, interactive, modular-based training course that enables organisations to train their staff under the GDPR and get certified. 

Seers Online GDPR Training will teach your employees about personal and sensitive data, why they need to be protected, and how to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Our GDPR training comprises four basic modules. These modules are:

Modules of GDPR Training Course

What’s covered in the GDPR training?

This GDPR employee training course covers the most current data protection standards, including: 

  • Introduction to data protection and the GDPR. 
  • Introduction of personal data, identifying personal data, and highlighting the increased risk attached to the specific category of personal data. 
  • Examples of personal data and best practices for securing it. 
  • How to identify and report a personal data breach.
  • Details on some of the GDPR’s most critical regulatory requirements.

Why choose Seers online GDPR Staff e-Training? 

Seers’ approach assists businesses in meeting the legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements for protecting personal data with modern technology. This strategy enables organisations to adopt appropriate security controls and respect individuals’ right to data privacy. 

The online GDPR training by Seers provides an introduction to the GDPR privacy requirements, enhancing an organisation’s capacity to comply with various worldwide privacy requirements reliably and efficiently. It is efficient in the following ways: 

  • Train your staff on GDPR – over 500 organisations have used our platform to train their employees. We’ve trained over 5000+ professionals and saved 50,000+ organisations from hefty fines. 
  • Industry specialists create our staff GDPR training, so you can rest assured that the material is accurate and up to date. 
  • Guaranteed results – track progress and generate audit reports upon completion. 
  • Payment flexibility with number of members. 
  • Fast and efficient, approximate duration: 45 minutes
  • On completion, the certificate is provided on the same day. 

Aim of the Seers GDPR Training 

  • Learn the purpose of the UK and EU GDPR.
  • Explain what information is governed by the GDPR.
  • Possess the expertise essential to implement GDPR-compliant processes.
  • Learn what is expected of businesses in terms of data security.
  • Understand the rights of Data Subjects under the GDPR. 


The online evaluation is conducted after completing the GDPR training content. There will be multiple-choice questions with 80% passing marks. The answers are graded automatically, so you will know immediately if you passed or failed.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive the certificate. If you fail, don’t worry! You can retake the test as often as necessary at no additional cost.

Criteria For Staff Assessment

Criteria For Staff Assessment

Conduct GDPR Training For your Employees

Research indicates that 85% of data security incidents include employees, so GDPR is more than a box-checking exercise; training your staff’s data protection responsibilities could be crucial to achieving compliance. 

GDPR training is sometimes at the bottom of the to-do list, but when the penalties for non-compliance are so severe, it is essential to make the required efforts to ensure that all of your employees understand their obligations. 

The GDPR Staff eTraining solution is an online, interactive, modular-based training course that enables companies to train their staff on GDPR compliance. 

Undoubtedly, The GDPR’s legal obligations have made this training necessary for all organizations. This 45-minute solution allows you to easily teach your workers remotely and includes a test and certification.

What could be the consequence of not conducting proper GDPR Staff eTraining?

Two critical issues are associated with a lack of GDPR training for employees.

  • Firstly, There is a risk that personal data will not be processed according to the requirements of GDPR. If employees do not receive adequate training in line with their position within the organization, this could result in litigation, fines, and more issues. The training is a requirement of the national data protection legislation, and failing to comply can result in regulatory action and reputational harm to the organization.
  • Secondly, many organizations forget that their employees are their duty. If legal carelessness or employee negligence, the organization’s liability will be shared and cannot be put or transferred to employees. As a result, it is crucial that the firm takes care of its employees and ensures that they can perform their roles and responsibilities under the law.

How to conduct a GDPR Training for my staff? 

Digital learning is the most effective method for managing this. Digital learning solutions are:

  • Firstly, A no-brainer for reducing administrative costs.
  • Secondly, Enabling self-paced learning for information-heavy topics.
  • Thirdly, Conveniently deploying and tracking continuing introduction and refresher training. 

To train your staff with Seers online GDPR training course, simply: 

  1. Sign in to your account.

2. Select the GDPR Staff Training solution to begin. 

3. Select the ‘train your staff’ option.

4. Click on the Add New button to invite your staff for training and click Save.

5. You can check the invited user’s status, score, and certificates here. You can also resent the invitation by clicking on the Resend button.

6. An invitation will be sent to the person invited. Click on the provided URL in the email.

7. Then your employee needs to provide the required details to start the training.

After the registration your staff member can start his/her training.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, under the GDPR law, every member of your organization’s personnel who handles personal data must receive comprehensive data privacy and protection training. Also, you must demonstrate that your employees have been trained and understand the fundamentals of Data Protection and GDPR.

Thus, you can train your employees online. It only takes 45 minutes to demonstrate that your personnel are aware of their responsibilities and that your firm is compliant.
The GDPR training certificate marks the completion of the course. Consequently, ensure that your organisation is compliant immediately by utilising the GDPR Staff eTraining Solution.

Seers’ GDPR online certified training can be useful because we use the best GDPR training methods.


Who should take GDPR Training? 

This GDPR course is appropriate for anyone responsible for ensuring GDPR compliance inside their organization. GDPR training is for all services inside and outside the UK and EU that use or store personal data.

So, this training focuses exclusively on GDPR requirements. Our Data Protection course may be a perfect choice if you’re seeking a more comprehensive grasp of the Data Protection Act, including the GDPR. 

Why is GDPR training for staff important?

  • Shows Your business is GDPR compliant

According to the GDPR, you must be able to demonstrate your compliance with the law. Employee GDPR training is the most convenient way to demonstrate compliance.

  •  Avoid hefty fines and penalties

Also, Online GDPR training informs users on the consequences of a data breach and motivates employees to protect the personal data they handle.

  • Build up and strengthen your defences

Moreover, Investing in expensive technology won’t help if your employees aren’t processing data appropriately. 

  • Empower your staff

Also, employees should receive data protection training to learn about their duties, apply best practices, and actively comply with the regulation. 

  • Instil awareness 

Additionally, with this annual license, refresh staff understanding as part of a continuous staff awareness program. 

  • Demonstrate your employee’s knowledge

Lastly, with online GDPR training, your staff can demonstrate their GDPR and data protection knowledge.