6 Tips to Train your Employees in GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now totally changed how companies collect and process their data.

Indubitably, GDPR outlines the due regulations for data processing, but it is essential to have thorough knowledge to ensure compliance.

This knowledge can come from GDPR training and lectures. It is of chief importance for companies to have GDPR awareness training for their employees to confirm compliance.

In this article, Seers will tell you about the reason, tips and benefits of GDPR training. And also how you can get GDPR training for your employees. But first, why GDPR is necessary.

Why Is GDPR Training For Employees Necessary?

Under both GDPR-UK and GDPR EU, GDPR training for employees is mandated. As the Information Commissioner states

“you have a legal responsibility to identify that an individual has made a request to you and handle it accordingly. Therefore you may need to consider which of your staff who regularly interact with individuals may need specific training to identify a request.”

So it is mandated under ICO’s regulations to arrange GDPR training for employees in the UK. Also, in GDPR-EU the Articles 70, 39, and 47 highlight the need for GDPR training for employees.

To escape fines and litigations, proper GDPR training for employees is also necessary as non-compliance can result in a fine of 18 million pounds or 4% global turnover. Why risk your image and profits when you can train your staff online with Seers GDPR staff training. Sign up and start for free.

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Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that your employees understand risks, rules, and rights related to data as non-compliance can result in a heavy fine of £18 million.

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The topics primarily involved in GDPR awareness training for employees are:

Benefits Of GDPR Training:

The benefits of GDPR training are :


It is now a legal requirement to show that your staff is GDPR trained. With proper GDPR training, you cannot only learn but have a certificate that can be accounted as proper documentation, which you can show to relevant authorities to build and trust and prove your efficiency.

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Data Subject Access Rights:

Data Subject Access Rights is the essential aspect of GDPR defined in Article 15. 

These rights usually are first met by the staff on the customer end. So proper GDPR awareness training will make them able to understand data subject requests.

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Reduced Human Errors:

Research has found that 90% of cyber insurance claims could be because of human errors ( Willis Towers Watson). These stats reflect that there is a high chance of human error, especially if employees are untrained.

A programme of GDPR Awareness training for employees can significantly aid in reducing human error. 

General Awareness:

GDPR training for employees can help create general awareness about the requirements of GDPR, rights, obligations, punishments and fines in case of non-compliance.

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Tips For Employees GDPR TRAINING:

Seers have prepared a list of tips that you can consider for your GDPR training of employees.

Consider Your Requirements:

Here it is crucial for you as an employer to first assess your requirements. Furthermore, you can tailor your GDPR training program based on the size of your organisation.

Small organisations will have to arrange GDPR training based on their resources as they cannot afford dozen or more employees out on training at the same time. 

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Set Your Goals:

 You need measurable goals; otherwise, your GDPR training is of no use.

It is good if you set short-term goals. For example, you can take a look at what sort of threats you face and plan accordingly.

For instance, knowing that your employees cannot respond appropriately to data subject requests can help you define your goal for training drills.

Continuous Process:

GDPR training of employees is a detailed and ongoing process. 

This means they should always be equipped to embrace new changes in every field, from data security to handling, to stay compliant with GDPR.

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The engagement of your staff in this process of GDPR training is very important.

It is essential for the effectiveness of the GDPR training that you engage your staff in various ways.

For instance, visual aids and videos can be of great use.However, online training is considered best because of interactivity like Seers GDPR training, where in just 45 minutes you can train your employees. Sign up and start for free.


Instead of focusing on theory, move toward practicality.

For instance, give your employees a dummy task of email marketing and see how they handle it under the rules of GDPR.

Patience Is The Key:

Yes, patience is the key, which means you should not expect drastic changes overnight.

 Continuous training will bring improvement gradually with time. Because here you are talking about changing your employee’s habits. 

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SEERS Online GDPR Training For Employees UK:

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Undoubtedly, your employees are your biggest asset, and giving your staff GDPR training is the best investment you can make because GDPR trained employees can save you from a heavy fine of £18 million and public shame.

And when you can start for free with Seers, then why are you risking fines.