How to download the Seers Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

7 reasons why you need better WordPress cookie consent management

The WordPress cookie consent plugin is a great way to get started. You can allow your website to become legally compliant with the use of various automated consent logging and management tools. With the right tool, the audience will be able to trust your website more.
However, you can also do this manually or as you wish. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfil such as:

  • Listing all cookies
  • Maintaining a consent log
  • Giving the visitor the ultimate control over what they want to share
  • Allow the visitor to choose cookies
  • Display a banner
  • Preferably add a popup
  • Make it easy for the user to change their settings
  • Showcase your cookie policy
  • And make sure that none of this is done by misleading visitors

Now here are the 7 reasons that you should do this and actually push for it:

  1. You will become legally complaint
  2. Your site will be able to deal with or target citizens from the EU and UK
  3. In a court of law, you will be able to use them properly logged consent archive
  4. Gain better visitor trust
  5. Be able to collect information for marketing purposes lawfully, if needed
  6. Become able to collect analytics and other reports
  7. Perform up to the international standards and competition levels
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The ultimate checklist for WordPress cookie consent management:

Here are 27 of the main areas that you need to improve to enable better WordPress cookie consent management:

  1. Install a WordPress cookie plugin that is GDPR compliant
  2. Get a proper WordPress cookie notice put up on your website
  3. Tally the cookies you use with the WordPress list of cookies
  4. Remove any WordPress cookie errors
  5. Use a cookie banner that WordPress loves
  6. Make sure that the WordPress cookie consent banner is legally compliant
  7. Make sure that your WordPress cookie disclaimer is clear and readable
  8. Only use a clear WordPress cookie statement or policy, don’t play games with the site visitors
  9. Let the visitor be in control of their consent
  10. Make the WordPress cookie popup easy to hide to enable a user-friendly UIUX
  11. Make sure that the WordPress cookie policy generator is fully legal and safe to use
  12. Go through some of the best WordPress cookie text options
  13. Begin after you have adequate WordPress cookies and GDPR knowledge
  14. Try to begin with a WordPress cookie audit
  15. Look for the WordPress default cookies and add them to your list too
  16. Make sure that the WordPress cookie plugin looks aesthetic too
  17. Keep a check on the cookies on WordPress sites before publishing them
  18. It is also important to disable WordPress cookies that do not serve any purpose for you or are shady in any way
  19. Just make sure that you are using a compliant WordPress plugin for EU cookie law
  20. Publish a proper WordPress EU cookie policy
  21. Look out for an option named something like the WordPress set a custom cookie if you are using any unique cookies
  22. It is okay if you want to look at multiple options and tools for WordPress cookie consent without plugin or developer costs
  23. Invest in a custom cookie consent management with a WordPress cookie plugin
  24. Feel free to automate your cookie consent plugin for WordPress for better management
  25. Ensure that you are using the best WordPress cookie consent plugin
  26. Get legal advice on your WordPress plugin for cookies and other tools that you are using
  27. Don’t get carried away with a cookie message that shows on other sites

Now, this seems like a lot and we promised you that we will give you an easy way out of all of this cookie dough. Here’s what you need to do: Get yourself a cookie management system that is legally compliant, ready to serve you and has the ability to be customised.

Voila! You will have your very own cookie consent management kit for your WordPress site right away!

It is also important to remember that many wordpress cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser or potentially your visitor’s browser. There are other problems like the WordPress error cookies are blocked due to unexpected output and the failure to disable cookies WordPress error. For all of this to be managed on its own you must get yourself a smart and intelligent consent management system. The Seers cookie consent plugin on WordPress is powered by artificial intelligence and it can help in reducing cost a lot!
Whether you need to add cookie notice to WordPress for personal or professional use, Seers can be a perfect choice. It is one of the best GDPR cookie consent plugin that WordPress sites can have.
Ideally, you might want to start with a proper cookie audit and then move on to the rest of the procedure with other supplementary tools, but you can take a look at our valuable Seers toolkit and pick and choose all you want.
You can begin here.

All you need to know about WordPress Cookie Plugin GDPR Requirements

If you are looking to improve your GDPR compliance then you ought to read this guide. Here is all you need to know about WordPress Cookie Plugin, GDPR Requirements and more.

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How does the WordPress cookie plugin GDPR Compliant work?

The Seers WordPress cookie plugin GDPR is not only capable of managing consent at your end, but it is also vital for enhancing the visitor information and awareness on the cookie usage. This plugin will allow you to collect a well-informed consent in an active and valid manner. You can add all most of the information into the set up through the cookie audit. This process is mostly automated. Only where you might have used any unique or special case cookies, you will need your own or your developer’s input.

Why choose the Seers Cookie WordPress Consent Management tool kit?

Seers has developed a one of a kind Cookie WordPress Consent Management Tool Kit that is able to address your GDPR compliance needs. These tools are artificial intelligence loaded which is why they work efficiently and effectively. Over the past few years, we have been able to help hundreds of business in their compliance process.
Using our tools to your advantage can help you save a lot of time and pounds in terms of your legal costs, fees and fines. Reducing the possibilities of negative publicity and the impacts of non-compliance is another important reason why you should really invest your energy in the cookie consent plugin WordPress free for your use.
The Seers WordPress best cookie consent plugin enables all users to automate their cookie consent management process in a few clicks. You will be able to record, obtain and organise all visitor consent in a lawful and legal manner if you choose this. A little input from your side can go a really long way.

The technical aspect of the WordPress cookies plugin

One interesting fact about the Seers WordPress Cookies Plugin is that it can be used as a multipurpose compliance tool. You can use it for CCPA or the GDPR law among many others.
Seers also offers you to create all-important policies that you need to have on your website via other tools in the policy pack such as your Privacy Policy, your Terms & Conditions document and a Cookies Policy. The toolkit also offers multilingual support to help with the ease of use as well as for your visitors.

Some important cookie and other technology types that can be taken care of with our WordPress Privacy Plugin:

You can use the plugin to track the marketing cookies. Your website uses these to track the visitors for marketing intel. This data may help you with future marketing, trend monitoring and even social listening.
Compliance in the use and disclosure of these cookies is essential. You may need to share your intentions of sharing this data with publishers and third-party advertisers with the visitors before you begin using their data. Apart from this, you may be using statistic cookies to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.
Other cookies may store the user’s information. Such as that they provide to you for eCommerce product deliveries, credit card information and their contact details. The storage of this information should be safe and secure. The personal data processing operations should be transparent. Consent has to be obtained from the visitor to make sure that the data can be stored for use again another time.
The user must be able to deny the consent as well. These requirements make the cookie consent management process slightly complicated, hence the need for artificial intelligence and high legal tech to step in.
According to the law, there are some main factors that have to be considered when trying to obtain valid consent. These are:

  • Consent must be delivered via an affirmative action
  • It must be freely given
  • Your terms and conditions document on its own is not enough to serve as awareness on your use of cookies
  • The cookie policy has to be readily available to be read
  • The user must make a fully informed decision
  • The consent must be processed before the cookies begin working
  • The cookies must be deleted if the user changes their mind
  • The use of old consent for new needs is not right
  • The use of cookies and other technologies should be fully disclosed
  • Each visitor may be able to view the information that has been collected about them should there be a data subject access request
  • Unauthorised or unlawful disclosure on the collected information is not allowed for the website

These are just some of the requirements of the GDPR that complicate the need to have a better and stronger consent management system in place. This is why you should really invest in a solid and high performing tool kit such as the Seers one. Companies that have failed in the past to address the cookie law, have faced serious corporate punishments and more.
For full GDPR compliance, the website owners must also submit a proper record of processing activities. This can share the compliance efforts and the hygiene of your cookie policy with law enforcement. These efforts can be automated with our cookies plugin and that can make all the difference.

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Relevant GDPR Articles to know about:

Compliant Cookie WordPress Consent Management requires the prior consent to be collected at the first opportunity of the visitor landing on a website. This is a part of the GDPR article 5. The consent obtained should be explicit in nature according to Article 7 of the GDPR.
The Cookie consent plugin WordPress free can help you with maintaining your consent log as per the GDPR Article 30. The cookie table as per the PECR regulation 6 can also be managed with the cookies plugin.
We say that Seers offers WordPress best cookie consent plugin because it is multi-language, offers use on multiple domains, help with geolocation, allows other flexible integrations as well and it is fully customizable. You can also use this WordPress cookie plugin GDPR compliant tool for LGPD and CCPA compliance. The WordPress cookies plugin.