How To Monetize Consent Management Platform

In this technology-driven world, the user’s consented data is of utmost importance. The worries of advertisers and marketers for profits generation are exasperating. Consent management solutions are available to ensure increased profits for website owners and save them from legal actions. Well, there is a sustainable solution called Consent Management Platform (CMP) that can ensure increased income for advertisers and marketers.

While complying with laws like General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) present in the UK and other European Union countries, Lei Geral de Protecao de Dados (LGPD) in Brazil.

And the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US.


The Consent Management Platform is a solution for a website that aids in gathering and handling the personal information of users. In compliance with GDPR, PECR, CCPA, and LGPD laws.

  • It enables you to monitor, track and give a response to the data subject’s request.
  • Records consent preferences.
  • Allowing to centrally manage the notices and distributing them to all consent procuring channels.
  • Aids in halting the tags from running before acquiring legal consent from users.
  • Manages the data subject request and fires the ad networks’ tags depending upon the user’s consent decision.

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monitise consent management solution


You might need CMP for the following reasons:

  • For analytics
  • AB-Testing
  • Retargeting or monetisation Strategy


Some CMP feature will surely make you adopt the CMP solution.

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The Consent Management Platform is Highly Customisable:

The Consent Management Platform design is highly customisable and can be employed to request the necessary information having useful and flexible options.

Like you can change the placements, language and colours of cookie banners on your websites. These diversified options present in CMP guarantee in increasing your revenue.

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Signalling Transparency:

It is of chief importance that your visitors grasp the sense of transparency. The banners and pop-ups appearing on websites (that are part of the CMP solution) increase your visitors’ trust.

Thus, giving them the liberty of what part of personal data they want to share. Consequently, increasing the number of visitors to your website, therefore also raising revenues and profits.

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Advertising Made Easy:

Online advertising is the chief income source for many websites.

Seers CMP, complying with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), empowers organisations to progress in the digital economy. It blocks all the non-consented vendors. And also helps to organise the data into categories.

In short, does the demystification of data which assists in online advertising.

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Say yes to User Consented Data:

User’s consented data is essential. In this regard, CMP’s explicit consent is the one feature that keeps in track the detailed consent record and audit trail of each consent.

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Seers and Google Consent Mode Together:

Yes. Seers and Google Consent Mode together are doing wonders. Google Consent Mode is an open API, interacting with consent choices.

Controlling the Google Tag Manager, which controls services like Google Analytics and Google Ads concerned with your website, ensures more sustainable earning.

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It is a simple plug and play compliance, managing all google services like uses’ consent, thus ensuring more sustainable earning.

Additionally, for the prevention of Ad fraud, Google has taken the initiative of the trust token API. It enables an origin to issue the cryptographic tokens to the user it trusts the user’s browser stores these tokens. In return, the browser can utilise these tokens in varied contexts to test the user’s authenticity.

High Revenues, Profits and Increased User Retention:

If the website is using the Consent Management Platform, which certifies all the privacy laws. And has advertising inventory activated with the safe data.

Then the website can enjoy the high revenues and income, which it can earn from the premium brand advertisements. This will not only aid in the immediate increase in revenue but will also improve user retention.

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Move towards Content Personalization and Email Marketing:

Content personalisation is a process that relies on visitor’s data to distribute content based on audience interests.

However, in relation to laws and regulation, CPM stores relevant information, which in turn gives visitors the liberty to choose their information. While also liberating the data collector from collecting useless data. Thus, this personal information, in return, can be used for remarketing, analytics, advertising, and email marketing.

Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology used in the management of interactions with current and future customers. As it aids organisations to build customer service to increase profitability.

So for using the CRM effectively, a proper system for collecting and managing personal data is needed. CPM in compliance with GDPR is the best way in which the data can be gathered and managed as it allows the collection of consented data. Plus, it also helps in collecting useful data, which helps in target marketing.

Thus automatically generating increased revenue.

Ease in Omnichannel Marketing:

Since the emergence of GDPR the Omnichannel Marketing has become perplexed. As it relies on retailers storing the vast amount of data gathered to stay in touch with customers.

Most retailers had to give up their data to escape the legal complexities of GDPR which only allows the storage of consented data.

Yet CMP being the saviour, allows the retailers to access the consented data within the legal constraints.

Additionally, collecting and storing useful information, which can help in increasing marketing engagement. Consequently, increasing revenues and profit margins.

Say No To Unwanted Data Vendors:

Data vendors with the help of CMP can legally store the information. CMP is the platform that publishers can utilize for receiving, requesting, and storing the consented data.

Additionally, storing the list of preferred data vendors also giving the purpose for storage of data or information.

However, storage of unconsented can result in risking the image of the website or businesses, resulting in lower revenue. But CMP storing consented information can save the businesses and websites from the loss of visitors and customers, making them complied with privacy laws.

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Many businesses, websites, advertisers, and marketers are in suppressing need for solutions that can manage and store the data within the legal boundaries with increased monetization. So, Consent Management Platforms are the ones that can provide them with all the services. Like quadrupling their revenue and profits.

In short, businesses need smart and well-organised solutions like CPM to manage users’ data in a better way.

For the future, Google suggests new strategies to protect the user’s privacy and make a safe and secure way for advertisers to advertise their products and earn maximum profits. For instance, Google’s privacy sandbox aims to improve privacy for web users.

Yet making sure that publishers earn and advertisers also advertise safely.

Surely, the future is for those who prepare. Install Seers CMP solution in just three minutes and start for free, because we care that profits go nowhere. Sign up now