Have you ever wonder about the pop-ups which appear whenever you visit some website. Often with reject or accept tabs asking about your data. Cookie Consent banner is important as per GDPR.

What are they? Well, those are cookie consent banners and notices.

But what are cookies? What is Cookie consent? What are Cookie consent banners? Why do they appear whenever you land on some website?

Keep on reading because Seers is explaining all of this in the article below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing scripts. These scripts store user data for the proper functioning of the website.

Like the password and username, which are used to recognise your computer as you use a computer network. These are utilised to improve the user’s experience with the website.

What are the types of cookies?

Cookies are split into two categories: essential and non-essential.

The former is required for website functionality. The latter is derived from various third-party sources. Third-party cookies are not as imperative for the functioning of a website.

What is cookie consent?

Cookie consent is the permission granted by users to the website for letting it activate its trackers and cookies, which are used in the processing of personal data.
In the start, cookies were used to improve the user’s experience with the website.

With the rise in the need for customer’s data for targeted marketing, their function has changed.

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Why do I need Cookie Consent for my website?

The cookies on the website locate users in various ways via IP address belonging to the user is often gathered, stored and shared. And merely the behaviours of users across the websites. The IP address can be accounted as the personal data by the EU’s GDPR.

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A website may need additional permission for the collection and processing of data from the user. In case if it is using cookies other than necessary cookies. As per the law of GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and ePrivacy.

What is Cookie consent in compliance with GDPR?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), prior consent is required to process and collect data. GDPR further requires the website to have a crystal clear consent policy.

And the user must know that in what manner the site will use the acquired personal data. In this regard, explicit consent must be obtained with the availability of opt-in and opt-out options.

Free Consent:

The consent is invalid under the law if the website has not granted consent freely.

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What laws require cookie consent?

Cookie Consent is required under the laws of the USA, UK, Brazil etc.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Cookie Consent:

GDPR is the data privacy and protection law requiring explicit consent prior to collection or using personal data. It also requires telling users the purpose for the collection of data.

Moreover, a cookie is considered personal data if it comprises information about an identifiable individual or mixes with other information to generate data concerned with identifiable information. Also, the process of obtaining consent must be easy and unambiguous, which means that GDPR cookie banners must be easy, containing the purpose of collecting data.

GDPR applies to all EU countries. After Brexit UK has more or less the same rules under GDPR-K.

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e Privacy Directive Cookie Consent:

Preceded by GDPR, the eprivacy directive has key measures. This directive also requires the consent of the user before issuing the cookie.

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Cookie Consent:

CCPA is a little different from GDPR because it allows businesses to collect data of users before consent. But on the condition of opting out from the collection process.

CCPA cookie banner should include information about the cookie, the purpose for collecting information, and the use of a cookie on the site. And whether the site shares the information with the third party or not. CCPA applies in the USA.

In the case of minors, just like GDPR, it also requires prior consent in child-friendly cookie banners. So, Seers offer Child privacy consent management in compliance with GDPR, PECR, LGPD, CCPA and e Privacy.

Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) cookie consent:

LGPD applies in Brazil, and it also requires free, unambiguous, and informed consent. Here data subjects have control over their personal data.

Also, it also demands that data subject information about data processing in a clear, easy and concise manner.


Under PECR, user consent is necessary. It is similar to GDPR because it also mandates the website owner to notify users about the cookie’s details. Most importantly, it also requires prior consent.

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How can you achieve Cookie consent?

We can achieve cookie consent via cookie consent tools.

What are Cookie Consent tools?

To achieve cookie consent, you need to equip with tools that give you consented data and relevant information.

  • Cookie Consent Banner
  • Cookie Consent Notice
  • Cookie Consent Pop-Ups

Cookie Consent Banners:

The Cookie consent banners are notifications that appear when the user first visits the website. Also containing information about cookies, the website will use and also takes user consent before loading them.

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Cookie Consent Notices:

It does not vary much from the cookie banner. Like the cookie consent banner, it also appears when you land on the website.

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Cookie Consent Pop-Ups:

Besides cookie consent banners and cookie banner notices. There are cookie consent pop-ups.

The cookie consent pop-ups are quite effective in obtaining consent as they persistently pop up until or unless the user rejects, accepts or selects the cookies

These are some of the examples of cookie notices and banners.

cookie consent banner
cookie consent banner

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Users consented data is a lifeline for marketers, advertisers and businesses. Whereas, data that obtains via unconsented means can result in legal implications.
So in this privacy-conscious world, the best way of complying with rules and gathering data is through cookie consent.

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Do I need consent for every cookie?

You do not need consent for every cookie. However, as per ICO, it is better to provide users with information regarding the cookie.

The cookies for which you do not need consent are:

  • Session cookies that provide security and are necessary to comply with data protection security requirements include online banking services.
  • Load balancing cookies ensure the smooth running of the content of your page.
  • Cookies that uses to remember the goods which user wishes to buy when they add goods to their online basket on an online shopping website.

How can I decide which type of cookies should I use for my website? Can I design my cookie banner?

In conclusion, if you are starting a new website or online service, you may consult a data privacy specialist.

So, you can book a free 30 minutes consultation with a Seers Data Privacy expert. In case of any pre-existing services, it is very sensible to recheck with a comprehensive cookie audit. Seers is offering a free cookie audit. Sign up now

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