Covid-19: The Next Stage of Corona Is Here, Is Your Staff Ready?

Boris Johnson’s selected COVID-19 policy route could well escalate the country’s /Covid-19 situation to the next phase, which means more people and staff working from home remotely which is a greater threat to businesses and profits.

The Prime Minister has already conducted a press conference following a Cobra meeting in which he declared that “the coronavirus is now a global pandemic.”

The pandemic requires special social distancing measures to be placed in order to delay the development of the pandemic to the next stage. He encouraged businesses and people to consider where possible home-based working in the following days.

Draconian measures such as enforced business closures are on the horizon. The closure of schools, banning of public gatherings and mass testing for the spread of the virus could be announced any day.

Enforced “remote working” is unprecedented, most businesses are not aware of their responsibility and legal obligations at the moment.

As your staff begin to work from home; sometimes on company-provided devices, and sometimes on their own private devices, serious privacy complications occur.
It’s vital that your staff are trained in GDPR, Data Privacy and Data Protection.Convid-19

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has suggested to MPs that they have “no plans for a mass closure of schools yet”, with the exception of individual schools.

However, any type of business enterprise or organisation that is moving its workload to remote working needs to guarantee effective privacy management systems and data hygiene, in such circumstances to avoid any chaos, criminal usage and vulnerability of the data subjects during this confusing and challenging time.


The pressure for new policies to develop is increasing with notable deaths of 60+ people in Greece, Austria, South Africa, Poland and Iran. The policy in Slovakia, Spain and America are also pressuring the UK to make amends in dealing with the pandemic.

It is important to note that China’s coronavirus adviser said he expects this global pandemic to be over by June but, this is four months away. The legislation upon the policy is expected in the next 4 days.

No business will obviously want to be completely shut down especially not for 4 months.

This is why all your staff needs online training in GDPR and data protection and awareness on how to deal with remote working in such sensitive and extraordinary times.

Empower your staff and ensure compliance with our eTraining program now.Convid-19

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