What Types Of DPO Jobs Available In An Organisation?

What_Types_Of_DPO_Jobs_Available_In_An_Organisation |GDPR

Recently, there have been many changes in the personal data protection laws. It has become mandatory for all organizations that store large amounts of personal data of users to comply with the GDPR. Organizations will need hundreds of Data protection officers, to gather personal data of their employees, customers, suppliers, and others. However, this clearly means the DPOs are going to be a top-notch requirement of organization in the coming years, which will create a vast number of DPO jobs. The GDPR applies to all organizations including the government ones. Therefore, this makes it important for all organizations storing personal data on a large scale to know what the Data protection officer role involves and what type of services they can expect by hiring a Data Protection Officer.

The role of DPO in the organisation

Certainly, a DPO tackles various tasks. They have both controller and manager responsibilities in these matters. Moreover, the DPO has core responsibilities, in which advising and informing the organization pertaining to its GDPR obligations. They monitor data systems to make sure your compliance with the data protection policies. Consequently, they help raise awareness about these issues within the organization. They train staff involved in data processing operations. The job involves carrying out audits to ensure all data storing, monitoring and processing systems of the company comply with the GDPR.

Consequently, DPOs have to provide requested support services. They have to assess the impacts of not complying with these regulations. It is their duty to monitor the performance of data protection systems and projects. They work with the management and report it on a daily basis. Certainly, they are the contact point between their supervisory authority and the team members under their supervision. The responsibilities include devising data protection strategies.


Organizations that want to be compliant with GDPR will hire DPOs. The hired DPO will monitor the performance of all the data protection efforts. Similarly, the job involves maintaining records of data processing activities of the company. Some of these records must be available to the public on request. The term “data subject” refers to the people whose data is stored. Therefore, these individuals should be informed about how their data is being stored, used and processed. They have a right to get their personal data removed from all systems of the company if they no longer want the company to store and use it. Subsequently, the organization has to put in place effective measures to protect the data of its data subjects. Data protection officer training equips a professional to understand all these responsibilities.

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