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Solid Steps You Can Take To Increase Your Chances of Being Promoted At Work


When people do the same job for a long time, it can seem demoralizing. There can be a loss of purpose or self-esteem. A person may feel like they’re stuck in a rut year after year. The longer they feel that way, the less productive they may be.

An employee may desire to grow as a person and to develop themself further. Whilst change is not always comfortable, it can be beneficial. Promotions can provide the perfect opportunity for this, but they’re not always easy to get. This article provides some key pointers to set you in the right direction for gaining promotion.

Professional Development

For some job roles, it may be mandatory for a person to have gained a qualification. This would apply to such professions as doctors or lawyers. At other times, however, taking exams may be optional. Whilst some qualifications may not immediately result in a pay rise, they may still be beneficial. Think about two people applying for the same job. If one has completed a course and the other one hasn’t, who do you think will get it?

A survey conducted by Wyzant and found that half of America’s unpromoted workers were in this position due to a lack of training. It may be temporarily sacrificial to do the extra study after a long day at work. It may also be inconvenient on the weekends. In the long run, however, it could pay off.

Fortunately, there is a lot of help available online for anyone who seeks a professional qualification. If someone was considering taking the Salesforce administrator certification exam they would discover websites that provide FAQs and example questions. There are also syllabus and exam overviews, as well as tips and strategies for passing.

Tell Your Boss

If your manager knows early on that you are interested in a promotion, they can discuss it with their colleagues. It may be that special tasks can be sent your way to give you an advantage.

Honesty is the best policy so ask your manager what they are looking for, and what you might need to improve. It may be there are tangible steps you can take as a result of this conversation.

Learn About The Job

Discover whether there are more responsibilities and longer hours. Research is a great way to ensure that you really want the promotion.

If possible, speak to the person who currently holds the post. Ask them what it’s like; both the pluses and minuses. Find out what skills and qualifications they need. Decide whether you are psychologically suited to the role.

Document Your Achievements

It’s beneficial to do this all year, as soon as you’ve done something. Anyone who relies on their memory risks forgetting some of their achievements along the way.

By the time you have an interview (or end-of-year appraisal), you may have an impressive list. Use it to create a compelling case for promotion.

Do Your Current Job Well

Practice being a positive employee who will always bring solutions, not problems. Try and come up with new ideas. Don’t just focus on your job, but instead be aware of the big picture.

Be a ‘yes man’ in the right sense of the word. Don’t resist taking on additional responsibilities. Be keen to volunteer for things. There may be a space for you on a project or a committee. Ask about self-development or exams as well.

Act Like You’ve Got The Promotion

Managers don’t want someone who says, ‘I’ll work harder and longer once I’ve got my promotion, but not before.’ Employers will want someone who is ‘already doing the job’ by displaying the right behaviors. It may be wise to arrive early every day and leave a little later, to show willingness.

People sometimes say you should dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have. Don’t arrive scruffy to work and expect to be promoted to management.

Be Relatable

Don’t keep yourself to yourself or be unapproachable. If people provide constructive criticism, don’t take it personally. Be punctual and have a good attendance record.

Learn to be a team player. Employers are looking for people who can relate to workers at every level, be they janitors or management. Be known as someone who is liked and who is a good listener.

If a person has adopted the right behaviors and taken any relevant exams, they should be in a good place for promotion. The hard work will have paid off, both financially and in terms of morale.

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