Scale your business using Instagram and build a strong online position

A lot of businesses today emphasize inbound marketing. It’s a way of attracting an audience with content that is useful to them. This strategy allows not only to introduce the brand to visitors but also to gain their trust by acting as an expert in a certain industry. 

A demanded social network for developing a personal brand is Instagram. The platform focuses on visual content and provides several formats for presenting yourself: photos, text, video, stories, and live broadcasts. Different channels of perception help to better convey information to subscribers. Instagram has all the tools to get feedback from the audience, as well as the ability to promote content using social network algorithms. In this article, we will consider the key steps in creating and promoting a personal brand.

How to build a strong online positioning?

To create the right image on Instagram, you need to design your profile properly. This determines how your followers will perceive you. Start with a competent positioning: tell who you are, what you do, and how collaboration with you can be profitable. Make a unique selling proposition, indicate your achievements, experience, and facts that prove your expertise. 

Emphasize uniqueness. A unique thing that will distinguish you from hundreds of other bloggers will help you promote your personal brand. This can be a style in appearance, greeting, slogan, colors, or manner of speech. 

An important factor that forms the first impression of a new audience is the popularity level of your profile. To accelerate the initial results, most entrepreneurs buy real Instagram followers and other involvement metrics. This allows to create a trusted first impression, raise the brand status and increase the retention rate of new users. 

Switch from a personal to a business account to keep track of statistics. Set clear goals and define your target audience. This will allow you to personalize your approach and best meet the needs of your potential customers. 

How to create a successful content strategy?

To keep subscribers interested, you need to broadcast the maximum benefit: share cases, life hacks, and guides. Show the subscriber the solution to his problem – this is the perfect tool to increase loyalty. Useful content needs to be diluted with engaging one: ask questions, invent games, discuss trending topics, and conduct challenges.

Use stories as a separate type of video content. Capture interesting life moments, publish polls, do stories from travel, post announcements of events, etc. Daily communication with your audience in the format of stories will help you keep subscribers’ attention. 

Demonstrate your expertise. You must be a professional in your field and be able to present information in an interesting way. For example, a French tutor can tell a funny story from practice, publish interesting facts about France, make different lexical compilations. 

Successful bloggers are characterized by vivid, colorful publications executed in a single style. Publish photos from events, meetings, business trips, office photos, back stages, etc. Show not only your business but also showcase yourself as a multifaceted person. Show your lifestyle, post photos from corporate events, or how you spend your free time. 

Make the most of the video. Visual information is easier to comprehend than text, that’s why users love stories, live broadcasts, and videos. Live broadcasts are necessary to increase user loyalty – it’s a way for them to communicate, get answers to their questions, and learn exclusive information. Live broadcasts can be saved and shared on various resources, social networks, or personal sites. 

Maintain regularity in your actions. Make a content plan for 2 weeks or a month. Subscribers like regularity and expect blogger posts by a certain schedule. 

Respond to comments, check Direct, engage in dialog, and post answers to the most popular questions. It’s especially important to do this at the beginning to establish contact with subscribers and gain your first audience. To increase audience involvement, the initial results are necessary. It is common practice to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, etc. This way you can quickly start the process of natural scaling of the profile.

How to promote content?

An effective method for attracting a new audience and generating leads is targeted advertising. This tool allows you to deliver advertising messages exclusively to a potentially interested audience.

When setting up advertising, you must know the maximum of subtleties, nuances, and pitfalls, otherwise, you can simply lose the budget.

When you have a limited budget, it is especially important to work on the quality of advertising campaigns and the quality of the audience. The creatives should be attractive and evoke an association, an emotion. Advertising messages bring higher conversion rates when they touch on the pains of the target audience. No less important is a call to action, it must be clear, understandable, and logical. When a person scrolls through the Instagram feed, his attention is unfocused, and can only perceive direct instruction. 

Forming an advertising company’s audience is the most important part of the work that determines the effectiveness of promoting products and services. Initial setup is only the initial stage of the process, and to find additional clients, it is necessary to use re-targeting tools and regularly add new audiences. 

Another way to attract customers is to collaborate with other bloggers. Competitors are not always your rivals. With some of them, you can participate in joint projects, conduct live broadcasts, or promote each other on Instagram, for example, make mentions in posts or put tags on publications.

To sum up, promoting your personal brand on Instagram is an investment in the future that will allow you to make money from your image and fame for years to come. Expand your competencies, study your competitors, follow trends, create new projects and expand your product line. This will allow you to stay among the first and be on the wave of opportunities.

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