The Functions Of Cookie Policy UK

These types of cookies are those that embed into the web browser and remember data for a user who revisits a website. Cookies can also retrieve information that some people consider invasive or an attempt at aggressive advertising. The cookie policy UK voters back strongly favour cookies to keep for their most essential functions and not take invasive liberties.

Two types of cookies that the law does allow. First, are those that remember notifications seen on a website so that they are not shown again and remembers a place when filling out a form like a bookmark. European law as a whole insists that websites that use cookies offer information to users about what those cookies do.

The following information can help a website owner give details about cookies and the requirements by local or EU law. Extra information might be given for extra legal protection or just to give customers heads up for the sake of good ethical practice. Having more legal documents can be a pain to readers. But many want to know more about what they are getting into if they are transmitting personal data.

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations insist that most cookies request consent from a user even if the user controls permissions automatically through browser settings. Whenever the user enters personal data, the user must be notified. Whenever that data is being processed for a particular purpose.

Cookies fall into four categories:

  1. Those that are Strictly Necessary and are essential to the function and speed of a website. User-requested services also fall into this category.
  2. Performance Cookies collect data about a web browser and use that data to relay information about website performance.
  3. Functionality Cookies remember user selections and help to avoid redundant decision making during repeat visits.
  4. Advertising Cookies remember user choices for the purpose of picking advertisements tailored to a user’s profile. Collecting data about browsing behaviour might be considered intrusive and is not essential to a website’s function.