Analysis of Wix vs WordPress

Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to settle on Wix versus WordPress to assemble your site? While WordPress is the most mainstream web designer on the planet, it isn’t the main alternative.

In the wake of seeing TV advertisements for Wix, a portion of our clients requested that we do a point by point correlation of Wix versus WordPress to discover which is the better decision.

In this article, we will analyze Wix versus WordPress and feature the advantages and disadvantages. Our expectation is that with this analysis, you will have the option is best for your requirements.


The expense of building a site is a significant factor while picking your site developer. The high expense of creating and maintaining your site will be impacted by your requirements.

Here is a summary analysis of Wix versus WordPress in terms of which one provides more value for money.


Wix offers basic web design for free.  There are two significant drawbacks to this: first, it includes Wix marked ads at the top and base of your site. Second, you can’t utilise a custom domain name for your webpage, so your site address will be:

Aside from that, the essential arrangement doesn’t offer important additional items such as Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, and so on. To benefit from promotions and get extra features from their applications, you will need to move up to one of the excellent plans they offer.

Each Wix premium arrangement has diverse capacity and data transmission impediments. You can pay monthly or yearly based on your needs.

The best value plan on Wix is the unlimited arrangement ($12.50/month) plan, and on the off chance that you need an eCommerce store, at that point you will need the eCommerce plan ($16.50/month).

This expense does exclude any applications that you later decide to purchase from the Wix application market to use on your site.


Most people pick Wix or WordPress in light of the fact that they would prefer not to enlist a web specialist. Both Wix and WordPress permit you to develop sites without figuring out how to code.


Wix offers ground-breaking and simple to utilise instruments to help you construct your own site. It offers a basic intuitive interface where you can choose any component on your site and begin altering it in a WYSIWYG interface.

You can move things on your site, rework things on your pages, compose substance, and include media in an easy to use condition. Numerous amateurs would consider this feature a huge advantage as it spares them from writing code.

Plan and layout

Your site’s plan and design have a major impact on the brand value of your organisation. An organisation needs a design plan and layout that is attractive, user friendly and easy to navigate.


Wix offers more than 500+ pre-made layouts to choose from. All Wix plans are completely responsive and written in HTML5. Utilizing the implicit instruments, you can additionally tweak your site configuration, change the format, and rework things as you see fit.

There are structures accessible for each sort of site. Formats are partitioned into classifications like a business, eCommerce, side interests, expressions and artworks, individual, and so on.

One major drawback is that once you have chosen a format, you can’t transform it. You can adjust it and redo it as much as you need utilizing just the inherent instruments, yet you can’t change to another format.

Modules and apps

Modules and apps provide augmentations that you can use with your foundation to include more highlights. Wix calls these applications, and in the WordPress environment, they are called modules.


Wix offers almost 200+ applications that you can add to your site. These applications offer a wide scope of features such as contact structures, display, remarks, internet-based life catches, email promotions etc.

Most applications are free or have a small fee. Different applications require regularly scheduled instalments and fluctuate in costs.


Numerous clients are searching for a simple solution to help them to start blogging. Wix and WordPress both can be utilised to develop online journals.


Wix permits you to effectively add a blog segment to your site. It has all the fundamental blogging features that you will normally utilise. For instance, classifications and labels, photograph and recordings, chronicles, and so on.

In any case, it doesn’t have a local remarking framework like WordPress. Rather, it utilises Facebook remarks and those remarks are not compact.

Additionally, it does not offer features such as included pictures, antedating posts, making private posts etc.

The composing interface for blog entries isn’t equivalent to Wix web designer. Rather, it utilises a plain content tool which is extremely restricted in terms of design options.


Selling things online is another significant element that most novices search for.


Wix offers eCommerce with their paid plans. Clients with free arrangement can’t run their eCommerce store on Wix without moving up to a paid arrangement. With the WixStores, you can pay via instalments utilising PayPal or

There are a couple of external applications that you can use for selling things on the web, however, those applications would cost you much more.