Free GDPR cookie consent plugin for WordPress website 

Seers WordPress plugin is a unified solution for cookie consent on your website, making it compliant with GDPR, CCPA, & LGPD. You can scan and block cookies, trackers, and pixels until your visitor consents. Create your cookie policy in a few clicks. 

Single WordPress cookie consent plugin for all global privacy laws 

Achieve compliance for GDPR (DSGVO, RGPD), CCPA, CNIL & LGPD 

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The cookie consent notice is highly customizable (available in pre-designed themes, positions & layouts). The plugin has many useful features, including Google & Facebook Consent Modes, child consent management, consent expiry limit, consent logs, and more. 

The cookie consent banner auto-detects geolocation and supports 30+ languages translation covering all EU countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Austria. 

Am I able to Customize banners inside a WordPress Plugin? 

Yes you are! Seers Cookie Consent WordPress plugin is among best GDPR compliance solutions that allows you to enable cookie banners or cookie notices on your website and gives you a lot more control over its functionality and features. Moreover, It is according to the privacy regulations around the globe. Also, Seers cookie consent plugin for WordPress simplifies the support and setup of the GDPR cookie compliance. See how you can customize banners inside plugin:   

  • You can change banner colors 
  • You are able to change fonts of the banner 
  • You are able to change the size and style 
  • You can change the position of the  banner 
  • Lastly, there are different layouts available for the banner appearance 

New Banner Layout is now available

The position or layout of the banner can be changed as per your requirement. Moreover, Floating Corner Pop-up is the layout where your banner can be moved and placed at the corners of your screen at your website. So, you can choose its position and layout as per your desire. 

Key Features of wordpress plugin to highlight 

At the ease of your finger tips 

The GDPR WordPress plugin is easy to set up and integrate. It just takes one-click processing while getting linked with WordPress websites. 

Scan your site and filter cookies 

It scans your website and identifies, enlists and filters out cookies to make it easier for you to know which cookies are being used by your site. 

Provides you control of your banner choices 

You are able to  customize your banner, for example, fonts, styles, text, color and layout. You can even customize the buttons of “accept all’’ and ‘’decline all’’ in the banner. Also, you can set the preferences section of the banner for the ease of the visitor.

Integrates with Facebook and Google Consent Mode 

With the aiding implementation of google analytics and google tag manager, the plugin integrates with google consent mode and Facebook consent mode. Also, by using tag manager, it anonymizes IPs for Google analytics if required. 

It blocks Cookies 

It blocks third party cookies and pre-detects and auto-fills cookie data and provides descriptions for the cookies that are exact and updated. 

Note: Third-party cookies These are cookies that store information on behalf of other vendors at your site. Have a look at some of these, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, HubSpot, ACTIVE campaign etc.) 


It is highly compatible and accessible with almost all main browsers which you use for your search engines. For example, chrome, Firefox, safari, edge etc.) 

Plugin integrations are seamlessly available at wordpress plugin

It has the capability to integrate with other popular and local plugins. For example, Elementor, Beehive, Woo commerce, WP forms, Gutenberg etc. 

If you want to explore more features, you can go visit Seers b pricing plan at Seers Pricing Plan and select premium package. 

Is there an edge to acquire a Cookie Policy inside WordPress Plugin? 

When you talk about cookie compliance, following the privacy laws and regulations and security of data, having a cookie policy becomes a mandate and you are required to have one. What is cookie policy? It is a set of statements and rules justified and protected by GDPR and other privacy laws which ensures that the cookies used at your website have a legitimate purpose and most importantly these cookies are functioning according to the consent given by the visitor. 

Trivia: Cookies are tiny files which get downloaded through your website and contain data of the website visitors. 

Setting up policies is a crucial step for every organisation in order to get compliant with the privacy laws. Seers has made it simple and an easy go for you! 

  • Firstly, Integrate your WordPress site with Seers plugin 
  • Secondly, Choose policies pack 
  • Thirdly, Choose Cookie policy you require 
  • Fourthly, Customize your policy by simply entering details 
  • Lastly, Save the entered details and download the policy 

What is the frequency of the Cookie Scan? 

Scanning cookies is a periodical process that occurs once in a month and lists out cookies identified on the website. Scan frequency as the name suggests is the slot which expresses how often the domain is scanned for cookie information. Moreover, have a look at the detailed video guide to get your understanding crystal clear. 

Tell me about the Corner Badge 

Badge here doesn’t mean the session of your high school! When you read it in terms of a cookie management solution, always remember, we are talking about the cookie badge that appears at the bottom left corner of your website. Seers provides you with the cookie badge that facilitates the visitors and allows them to change settings of the cookies. Also, they can set their preferences. For instance, they can select cookies that they want to collect their data and turn off cookies that they do not want to collect their data. See How to add a badge on my website?

Cookie Consent

The existing customers have the edge of syncing their dashboard settings just by using Cookie ID

You can easily integrate your dashboard settings with the WordPress website. The features are all yours! You can change the banner content, design and fonts. It enables you to activate banners in a compliant manner and also gives you control of your setup.

See How to set up a banner with WordPress manually? 

Complete user guide and support documentation regarding wordpress plugin

Seers aims to serve its customers in the best way possible. We strive to provide you with the best solutions and make sure that you are compliant. So, our sole objective relies on the excellence of service and customer satisfaction. We have 24 hours support for our clients and have easy access to step wise video guides as well. 

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In Conclusion, Cookie consent doesn’t only mean to take consent of the visitors, but also encapsulates a whole process to integrate everything in line. It requires presenting the data and information in a regulated hence clear manner in order to know what sort of data is being collected and how this data will be used. Having multiple and easy to use features at WordPress plugin with Seers CMP integration will allow you to get compliant in the best manner and also will give you control over its implementation. 

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