A Guide to Implement cookie text for website

To maintain the transparency of a website, it must be clear for them to display a clear cookie popup message to let the customers develop their trust. The message on the cookie text informs the visitor about what information the website will use and after the explicit description they ask for the consent.

But do websites wonder how they should compile up an effective cookie text display message that is compliant with the privacy law. This blog will give insights about what does the cookie text mean, its significance, the requirements with the privacy laws and how you can put up an effective cookie text.

What is cookie text?

We can define cookie text as:

Cookie text refers to the message or notice that is displayed on your website in order to notify users about the usage of cookies and the data collecting practices of the website in question.

Cookie text’s primary purpose is to facilitate communication between your site and its visitors. The small print is crucial to protecting your privacy when using the internet. Cookies text is the clear indication of what information the website will store based on the privacy law they follow.

Importance of cookie text

Cookie policy text is vital in building trust among the user and the website. They abide by the privacy laws according to their regions and make efforts to stay compliant with them. It covers the following significant points that ensures the website is efficiently working.

  • Transparency
  • User trust
  • Reliability
  • Data protection
  • Implementation of privacy laws

Cookie consent text example

Every website employs a diverse range of layouts and patterns for the cookie notice text, which provides the person who is viewing the website with a condensed version of the disclaimer. After that, it asks the customer if they can provide permission to let the website save certain cookies and gives them the option to accept or reject.

Here is the simplest example for the cookie banner text:

The cookie text supports all types of cookies, one thing to remember is that cookie policy and cookie text are two very different things. Cookie policy is defined as the process of how the websites store and use the data it collects from the users.

However, a cookie phrase on the banner tells users that the website uses cookies and requests permission to store them on their computer. In order to stay compliant with different privacy laws the website must adhere to an efficient CMP platform such as Seers. 

Seers provide the websites to either use the default cookie text or make amendments according to websites requirements. It lets the website follow the privacy law depending upon its region to always stay compliant. Moreover, it also helps websites in getting GDPR staff training to let them work effectively and efficiently.

Some cookie banner text examples can be of the following types:

  • Cookies improve your website experience. Using this site implies permission to our Cookie Policy’s cookie use. Change your cookie settings anytime.
  • Change your cookie settings to better your online experience. Click “Manage Cookies” to view and adjust cookie settings. Visit our Cookie Policy for details.
gdpr and ccpa cookie text requirements

GDPR/CCPA cookie requirements

1. GDPR text cookie requirements

Cookie text rules under the GDPR increase website users’ transparency and control over their personal data. Cookies and other tracking technology are covered by the GDPR. The main GDPR cookie text requirements are:

  • Informed and explicit consent:

Cookies can only be stored on a user’s device with their knowledge and permission. The website’s cookie wording should alert visitors that cookies are being used and provide helpful background information. It is important that users have control over whether or not they receive cookies.


Cookies improve your surfing experience and personalise content on our site. By clicking ‘Accept,’ you authorise all cookies. You can change your cookie options or read our cookie policy by selecting ‘Cookie Settings

  • Clear, accessible information: 

A cookie banner or policy page should make cookie information visible. Users should easily find this information.

  • Cookie Time: 

Inform users of cookie lifespan. Explain whether cookies expire when the browser is closed or have a duration. Users must know data storage duration. For instance, our session cookies expire when you close your browser. Your device will retain persistent cookies for 10 days.

  • Finer Consent: 

Users must be able to consent to essential, functional, and analytical cookies under GDPR.

  • Cookie Policy: 

Provide a link to a detailed cookie policy that explains how cookies are used, what data they gather, and how users can modify their choices. This policy should be visible on the cookie banner.

  • Consent Withdrawal: 

Users must be able to opt out of cookies. Your cookie wording or policy should explain how users can opt-out of individual cookies or adjust their cookie settings.

2. CCPA cookie consent

How websites that either serve users in California or collect data from California residents is regulated in detail by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Key CCPA cookie text criteria are as follows:

  • Opt out rights: 

Users must have the option to prevent data sale under the CCPA. You can refuse the sale of your personal data, including cookie data. Visit our ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ page to exercise this choice.

  • Collection Notice: 

Clearly communicate to users at or before the time of data collection (by a cookie banner, for example) what types of personal information will be collected and how it will be used. For instance, some phrase could read as follows: We collect information through cookies for insert analytics, advertising, or personalisation-related purposes here.

  • Link to Privacy Policy: 

Provide a link to your privacy policy from the phrase to explain your data collecting and sharing practices, including cookies.

  • Way to Request Information: 

In your cookie wording, explain how users can request data. Data access request guidelines should be provided. Example: Interested in our data collection on you? Visit our ‘Privacy Policy’ to learn more and seek data access.

  • Data sale disclosure: 

You must disclose and allow users to opt out of selling cookie-collected personal data.Example: We may sell your personal data, including cookie data. Our link lets you opt out of such sales.

  • Types of cookies:

List the many cookie formats now in use. Cookies that are absolutely necessary, cookies that are useful, cookies that boost performance, and cookies that track your browsing habits are all examples.

What are the best cookie Notice text practises?

Best practiceExplanation
Clarity and ease of understandingCookie consent text must have clear and brief content that is easier to read and understandable for the consumers.
Consent from userGet explicit consent from the users to maintain compliance with the privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA etc.
Obtainability of accessMake cookie text and preferences management easy to use. A noticeable but subtle cookie banner can help.
Provide a link to the cookie policyMake sure that the cookie banner or text on your site actually links to your website’s whole cookie policy. 
Regular examinationExamine your cookie text and procedures regularly to comply with changing legislation and adapt to new technology and user preferences.
Openness and honestyClearly mention that the website utilises cookies and why building trust requires transparency.
Unwavering consistencyRemember that the text of your cookies is the same in all of your website’s pages to keep users from getting confused.


It is vital to select the appropriate platform in order to successfully deploy cookie text, and here is where Seers’ Cookie Consent Banner comes into action. Seers makes it reliable and efficient for UK and US websites to comply with privacy laws including the GDPR and CCPA.

This not only shows that you care about protecting your users’ privacy, but it also makes sure that you are following the law. The Cookie Consent Banner provided by Seers enables you to modify the cookie text in order to better meet your requirements.
Websites that want to properly navigate the difficult terrain of cookie consent will find this to be the ideal option. In addition, Seers provides GDPR staff training to ensure that your team performs effectively and respects best standards in the protection of personal information.