What Is The Importance Of A Cookie Policy?

There is much more to learn about cookie policy. This article will provide clarity regarding cookies, the laws and policies.

Read the entire excerpt and do not forget to comply with the requirements. 

What is a cookie Policy?

A policy regarding active cookies on your website is known as cookie policy. It sets out information about the user’s data which is being tracked, its purpose, and where it is being transferred/sent.  Cookie policies must also contain information for opting out. For instance, if the user has changed his mind and wants to opt-out or change the cookie settings on your site, make sure your service provides the ability to do this. 

Moreover, you are under a legal obligation to have a cookie policy as a website owner. There are many site owners that incorporate their cookie policy in the section of the Privacy policy. But, you are allowed to publish it in a separate section. 

However, a privacy policy is an important document that occupies merely a page on the website. So, It outlines all the purposes and methods for the data processing activities on the website.

In general terms, cookies are a potential privacy risk as they track, store and share the behaviour of a user. 

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The privacy policy can be static, whereas cookies are dynamic and can change intermittently. So, it is beneficial to adequately and regularly update your cookie policy to ensure the information is accurate. 

Does GDPR affect this?

The General Data Protection Regulation strengthens the rights of data subjects, so that site visitor can request up-to-date information on the data. Under GDPR, the website users can easily request to know how, when and where their data is sending. 

Moreover, such rules can affect your cookie policies and how you collect consent for the use of cookies, along with any additional obligations.

According to GDPR, you must have a cookie policy & generate it with specific Cookie Policy Generator, accurate and up to date information. It is mandatory to show how your website uses cookies and also the user options of accepting and rejecting them. 

What are the requirements?

You website cookie policy should state:

  • Firstly, what types of cookies are in use?
  • Secondly, how long they persist on your user’s browser?
  • What data they track?
  • What purpose the cookies have? (Functionality, performance, statistics, marketing, etc.)
  • How to reject cookies and how to change the status regarding the cookies subsequently?
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How to have a cookie policy on your website?

The first question which can be raised in a concerned reader’s mind is,

Do I need a cookie policy on my website? 

Yes, you do, Under GDPR it is a legal obligation. Therefore, a person must ask; 

How do I get a cookie policy on my website? 

The first step would be to find out what Cookies are being used on your website. This is an initial and rudimentary step to move forward to create an accurate = cookie policy. This means, you must know what cookies and another type of tracking technologies are operating and exist on your website.

For this, go to that third-party services’ cookie policies and find out what cookies they are using on their site.

Q.No.1 What is the role of a Cookie?

Cookies are used for multiple purposes, such as they allow you to navigate pages effectively, improve the user experience and remember your preferences. They ensure that ads that you watch online are relevant to your interests.

Q.No.2 Do I need a Cookie policy if I don’t use cookies?

Well, it is not compulsory to show any lawful basis to use those cookies. You can’t deny  Cookies in use; therefore, you have to declare all those cookies in your privacy policy.

Q.No.3 Do I need a cookie policy on my website the UK?

According to the UK legislation, even a US website must ask for consent if they have UK visitors. Besides, UK business websites having a French audience, ought to make their websites compliant with French Cookie Law.

Q.No.4 Is a Cookie Policy a Legal Requirement?

The cookie law is a part of privacy legislation requiring websites to ask for consent from visitors to store or withdraw data.  

Q.No.5 Do I separate cookie policy?

To have a separate Cookies Policy is not mandatory outside the EU. But, US-based websites that target EU customers are required to follow the Cookies Directive. Those websites must have a privacy policy having a section dealing with cookies.

Q.No.6 Do you need a cookie policy for GDPR?

Under GDPR, you must revise your cookie policies, to make your website according to the regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation and the EU ePrivacy Directive both require the prior, informed consent of your site users. Whereas, the GDPR obligates you to register every consent document.

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