Cookie Consent Text

Almost every website uses different tracking technologies or cookies to record its user information to thrive in this digital economy. Cookie consent text is important because users need to know about it.

Because user’s consented data is in high demand for advertising and marketing purposes.

Let’s face the music here “cookies are essential ” for your business and website.

But as per GDPR rules and other data privacy regulations, you must tell your users about the type and the purpose of cookies you are using. Telling users what type of cookies you are using will automatically make you trustworthy, thusly raising your profits and income.

You can give cookie information in cookie consent text present in the cookie consent banner.

Wait….. what is cookie text or cookie consent text? What is GDPR cookie consent text? What are Cookie consent requirements?

Seers is here for you, explaining all.

What Is Cookie Text?

Cookie Text, also called cookie message, is the actual text written in the cookie consent banner that communicates to the website’s user about the cookies.

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It is also important that your cookie consent text in the cookie consent banner complies with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

For building trust, which results in monetising your business, you should have GDPR complied cookie consent text.

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Cookie Consent European law requires cookie consent banners to have:

  • Specify all types of cookies and other tracking technologies.
  • revoke consent on each specific group of cookie
  • Consent should be demanded unambiguously.
  • prior to data processing, consent should be obtained
  • give users choice of cookies acceptance or non-acceptance 
  • Consent should be renewed annually. However, according to some regional policies, these deadlines can vary.

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CCPA Cookie Consent Text:

CCPA is a little different from GDPR in the manner that it does not require prior consent. 

But it emphasises that businesses must inform their users about the categories of personal information they are collecting through cookies. Like:

  •  purpose of collection of information 
  •  Also, mention the third party businesses might sell information to.

It also mandates websites to give users the opt-out option. Thus, giving “Do not Sell my Personal Information link” means users can opt-out to have personal information sold to third parties. 

Like GDPR, it also requires informing users about the types and the purpose of cookies.

Lei Geral De Proteção De Dados (LGPD) Cookie Consent Text:

Brazil’s Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados  iof Brazil says that:

  • It is important to tell types of cookies.
  • Personal data type
  • the necessary principle, which means only collecting cookies that can fulfil the website’s purpose of collection.

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Does your website manage “Consents“legally.

Cookie Consent Requirements:

The European Data Protection Board, which is the leading authority on GDPR in the EU, gives the following requirements :

  • It declares Pre-ticked checkboxes on cookie banners as non-compliant.
  •  Valid consent is informed consent giving clear choices of “rejection or acceptance of cookie”.
  • Scrolling or continued use of a website cannot be considered as “valid consent”.
  • Explicit consent is required.
  • Consent is conditional and non-compliant with data protection regulations.

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Businesses And E-Commerce Platforms:

Businesses and E-Commerce platforms must configure their business needs and design their cookie consent text accordingly. 

Many businesses think of t consent procuring process as unnecessary. But advantages you have for doing this are

  • insights into users data which might determine potential consumer behaviour
  • The rich inventory of user’s consented data can open more marketing opportunities for your website
  •   advertisers may see your website as an opportunity for promoting themselves, which results in increasing your income

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Also, Your cookie consent banners must have a cookie consent text compliant with GDPR or other data privacy regulations.  Once after obtaining valid consent, you are ready to maximize your profits with the rich repository of user’s consented data.

So, This is the right way. And the right way is always the smart way.

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