Install Cookie Consent on Joomla Website

Joomla EU cookie plugin

If you use a Joomla Content Management System and website then you should really invest in the Seers extension or plugin. Whether you are a small business owner or you run a large business, several laws apply to you. Some of these laws are related to privacy management and they are strictly penalizable. For legal and compliance purposes, as well as for administrative ease you can invest in the Joomla EU Cookie Plugin. The Seers consent management toolkit is perfect for GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliance needs.

How does the Joomla EU cookie plugin work?

The Joomla cookie plugin can be installed on your main website. The integration is quick and simple. The Joomla EU cookie plugin must be given the access to work seamlessly. This can be a one time process. You can also revisit your settings from time to time when you run your overall web optics and audits. It ca