General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most robust data protection law aiming to safeguard user’s data. DPO training is important to follow the regulations of GDPR.

For this purpose, it emphasises appointing Data Protection Officers (DPO). 

But who is DPO? What do they do? Why do you need them? 

And is there GDPR training for DPOs?

Let’s dive first into the brief introduction of DPO

Who is Data Protection Officer?

DPO means Data Protection Officer whose function is

  • To assist you in monitoring the internal compliance of your company or business with GDPR.
  • Inform and advise you in regards to Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).
  • Act as liaison between data subjects and GDPR supervisory authority (ICO in the UK and European Data Protection Supervisor in EU).

Why do I need a Data Protection Officer?

Several reasons below might convince you to hire Data Protection Officer.


Suffice to say that it is mandated under the UK- GDPR to appoint a Data Protection Officer for public authorities or a body involved in data processing activities.

EU-GDPR and UK GDPR’s article 37 to 39 roll out the Data Protection Officer related requirements:

  • Article 37 points out when to appoint a DPO.
  • Article 38 talks about the nature of their position in the organisation.
  • Article 39 highlights the functions they must perform.


Data Protection Officer is a very crucial part of any organization. 

They can perform their functions better when they have received proper GDPR training online for Data Protection Officer or in physical form. So moving towards functions:

  •  Firstly, to educate the company and its employees regarding compliance requirements.
  •  Secondly, give training to staff involved in the data processing.
  • Thirdly, to conduct audits to ensure compliance.
  • Act as liaison between GDPR supervisory authorities and company, as also mentioned earlier.
  •  To maintain detailed records of data processing activities of the company (reasons of all processing activities which can be made public upon request).
  • To inform the data subjects about the use of their data.
  • To educate employees about their rights (right to rectify and erasure etc.).
  • Lastly, to arrange GDPR training for employees for better compliance.

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How do I arrange a DPO training for my Company?

Finding some new person for this activity can be time taking and cumbersome. 

By arranging General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) training for one of your employees, you can utilize his/her skills as DPO. Also, there are GDPR Data Protection Officer training online.

Increasing GDPR Knowledge:

It is expected from DPOs to have a thorough knowledge of GDPR. In this regard, it is good for them to procure GDPR training for DPO. GDPR training can give them a comprehensive understanding of practical working and application of GDPR. However, in addition, GDPR DPO training online can save you time.

Independent advisors:

DPOs have to learn to be independent advisors. They should be impartial. This skill can be achieved via GDPR training for DPO.

It is an ethical duty of the employee to listen to the DPO and the DPO to train or arrange training for fellow employees. 

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So, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training can aid DPOs in understanding their duties towards their profession.

Data Breach Mitigation:

 In 72 hours, DPO must disclose data breach details to the supervisory authority.

The data breach disclosure report should have the following points:

  • Firstly, details about the breach
  • reason of data breach
  • number of records affected
  • Lastly, type of information breached

 The DPO can also prepare a list of employees who can help provide detail. GDPR training can guide them better about the do’s and don’ts in this term, or GDPR 

Data protection officer training online is an easy way to get them trained for the tasks ahead of them.  

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After the arrival of GDPR, companies need to have DPOs, which can assist them regarding the regulation. Other than the appointment of DPO being a legal requirement, it is good to appoint DPO because it can increasingly aid you in GDPR compliance

However, it is potent that Data Protection Officer has received General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training.


What are the responsibilities of a DPO?

DPO should:

  • educate the company employees about GDPR compliance
  • liaison between GDPR regulatory authorities and company
  • act immediately in case of a data breach

When should I appoint a DPO?

So, Your company should appoint DPO if it is a data controller or processor or is a public authority involved in data processing on a large scale.