Google Consent Mode v2: What You Need to Know Before March 2024?

Google Consent Mode v2 is set to be released by March 2024. This update is a response to evolving European privacy and consumer protection regulations. Organizations in the EU/EEA using Google services must adopt version 2 of Google Consent Mode, this adoption is crucial for ensuring compliance with regulations. It is also necessary to maintain access to Google Ads’ ad personalization, retargeting, and measurement tools.

Meanwhile, the Digital Markets Act (DMA)—approved in 2023—begins to take effect in March 2024, imposing new obligations on big firms such as Google. As gatekeepers, they are required to obtain user consent, highlighting the significance of systems like Google Consent Mode v2.

In this guide, learn what Google Consent Mode v2 is, how it differs from the previous version, and how to implement it on your website easily.

What is GCM V2?

Google Consent Mode V2 (GCM V2) marks a significant evolution in the realm of user consent management within the Google Ads ecosystem. While the core functionality of GCM remains, V2 builds upon it by introducing two additional granular consent states:

  • ad_user_data: This state determines whether a user consents to their data being shared with Google for general advertising purposes. This means users have the specific choice to opt-in to allowing their data to be used by Google for various advertising functionalities, such as campaign measurement and reporting.
  • ad_personalisation: This state determines whether a user consents to having their data used for targeted advertising, which includes techniques such as remarketing. Users can choose whether they want to view adverts personalised to their specific interests and surfing habits.

GCM V2 creates a more reliable and transparent communication channel for users, advertisers, and Google. This collaborative strategy promotes a vibrant online advertising ecosystem that protects user privacy while allowing for successful audience interaction.

Seers accomplished GCM V2 certification

Seers is thrilled to announce the successful achievement of the Google Consent Mode V2 (GCM V2) certification.  This accomplishment solidifies our position as a trusted leader in navigating the evolving landscape of privacy-focused advertising. This esteemed certification underscores our commitment to providing our clients with innovative solutions that adhere to the highest standards of user consent management.

By achieving GCM V2 certification, Seers demonstrates that:

  • Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of GCM V2’s complexities, allowing us to expertly assist our clients with smooth implementation and campaign optimisation.
  • We put a strong emphasis on adhering to established data privacy regulations, minimising risk, and ensuring user trust.
  • We empower clients to thrive in the evolving consent landscape, ensuring their advertising strategies remain effective and compliant.

We are confident that GCM V2 signifies a notable advancement in online advertising. By placing a strong emphasis on user control and transparency, it promotes a more responsible and sustainable advertising ecosystem. 

Seers, as a certified partner, is well-prepared to assist our clients in harnessing the full potential of GCM V2. We specialise in creating impactful advertising campaigns that prioritise user privacy and deliver significant outcomes.

A Closer Look at GCM V2’s Role in Advertising Success

Google Consent Mode V2 (GCM V2) is here, and it’s changing the internet advertising game. Users and advertisers alike will have to adapt. Navigating the new landscape and guaranteeing the continued success of your campaigns requires a grasp of its ramifications, which may appear complex at first.

Here’s how GCM V2 affects advertisers:

Granular User Consent

Users now have finer control over their data, choosing precisely what information they share for advertising purposes (ad_user_data) and personalisation (ad_personalization). This means some users might opt-out, potentially impacting your targeting reach.

Compliance Simplified

To make compliance easier for advertisers, GCM V2 is in line with existing privacy rules such as GDPR and CCPA. Follow its guidelines to reduce the likelihood of noncompliance and keep up with the ever-changing rules.

Adaptation Required

Some adjustments to your Google Ads campaigns and tags might be necessary to ensure they function correctly and respect user consent choices. But worry not, Seers’ expertise can guide you through this process smoothly.

Opportunity for Engagement

There is a correlation between user engagement with ads and their willingness to opt-in for data sharing. You can earn people’s trust and maybe even their approval by making their input a top priority and being transparent about your processes.

Embrace Future-proof Solutions

GCM V2 sets the standard for the future of consent management. To thrive in the ever-changing digital world, you need to be one step ahead of the competition by using user-centric and compliant practices.

The Role of GCM V2 in Transforming the Dynamics of Google Ads

Google Consent Mode V2 (GCM V2) represents a significant shift in the world of online advertising, bringing both challenges and opportunities for Google Ads campaigns. 

Here’s a breakdown of its impact:


Reduced Targeting Reach

Granular user consent (ad_user_data and ad_personalisation) can limit your targeting pool as some users might opt-out, potentially impacting campaign reach and effectiveness.

Conversion Tracking & Optimisation

Conversion tracking and campaign optimisation might need adjustments as historical data might not account for varying consent levels, making it harder to measure true performance.

Technical Implementation

Integrating GCM V2 requires technical tweaks to your Google Ads tags and setup to ensure compatibility and respect user choices, which can be a complex process.


Enhanced Compliance

GCM V2 simplifies compliance with evolving privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, mitigating compliance risks and future-proofing your campaigns.

Building Trust

Prioritising user transparency and choice fosters trust with audiences, potentially leading to higher engagement and conversion rates from opted-in users.

Future-Proof Strategies

Embracing user-centricity aligns your strategies with the direction of advertising, positioning you for long-term success in a privacy-conscious landscape.

Seers: A valuable asset for marketers and Google Ads specialists

Here are the ways Seers is helping marketers and Google Ads specialists:

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of certified Google Ads specialists and privacy professionals possess in-depth knowledge of GCM V2, ensuring you understand its implications and navigate with confidence.

Seamless Implementation

We take care of the technical aspects of integrating GCM V2 into your campaigns, allowing you to concentrate on strategic decisions and creative development.

Data-Driven Optimisation 

We utilise our advanced analytics and insights to assist you in adjusting your targeting and optimisation strategies for the current landscape, enhancing campaign performance to its fullest potential.

Building Trust with Our CMP

Our industry-leading Consent Management Platform (CMP) simplifies consent collection and management, ensuring compliance and fostering user trust.

Tailored Solutions & Support

We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals, crafting a personalised approach that empowers you to thrive in the evolving landscape.

Benefits of Partnering with Seers

  • Compliance & Peace of Mind: Mitigate compliance risks and stay ahead of evolving regulations with our expert guidance.
  • Optimised Campaign Performance: Reach the right audiences and maximise your advertising return on investment (ROI) through data-driven strategies.
  • Enhanced User Trust: Build stronger relationships with your audience by prioritising transparency and respectful data practices.
  • Innovative Strategies: Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your advertising approach is prepared for the changing landscape.


The introduction of Google Consent Mode V2 in response to evolving European privacy laws emphasises the necessity for compliance among organisations using Google services in the EU/EEA. Scheduled for release by March 2024, this version is vital for maintaining access to crucial features within Google Ads. Simultaneously, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) adds further responsibilities, requiring gatekeepers like Google to collect user consent. Seers’ certification in GCM V2 demonstrates a commitment to navigating privacy-focused advertising with expertise in implementation and campaign optimisation.


What is consent mode V2?

Consent Mode V2 is an enhanced version of Google’s Consent Mode function. It provides website owners with increased control over the behaviour of Google tags. This control is in alignment with users’ consent preferences for data processing related to personalized advertisements.

What does Google consent mode do?

Google Consent Mode ensures compliance with privacy requirements. It is achieved by adjusting the behaviour of Google tags on websites according to users’ consent preferences for data processing.

What is the consent mode on Google Ads?

Website owners can achieve compliance with privacy rules through the adjustment of Google tags’ behaviour, including conversion tracking. This is done based on users’ consent preferences for personalized advertising, facilitated by Google Consent Mode in Google Ads.

How do I set Google into consent mode?

To enable Google Consent Mode, update your Global Site Tag (gtag.js) by adding the update_consent configuration. Specify user consent preferences for ad and analytics storage during this update process Adjust Google Ads tags accordingly by incorporating Consent Mode settings. Additionally, implement a mechanism to gather and manage user consent on your website. Always refer to the latest documentation and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.