Install GDPR Cookie Consent on Squarespace

The fact that I’m a major fanatic of Squarespace, its an obvious fact that there’s a baffling lack of Squarespace modules. And in any case, that may be going to change.

In the event that you aren’t now acquainted with it, Squarespace is a mainstream web designer with an attention on rich web architecture. It was initially outfitted towards picture takers, in spite of the fact that it currently takes into account numerous different enterprises.

Most definitely, Squarespace clients have generally been kept to the local web designer and whatever code they could summon up (Squarespace permits you to embed custom code).

incorporating modules

They have more than 200 Squarespace modules to date, incorporating modules that manage:

  • Exhibitions and slideshows
  • Video foundations
  • Accordions
  • Catches
  • Social symbols
  • Route styles

They significantly offer a bunch of complimentary gifts to help support your Squarespace site. Not very ratty.

I had a short talk with Tom Bull, the Founder of Square Plugins, about how his task came to fruition:

Building a fundamental, lovely site is magnificently simple with Squarespace, however coordinating extra highlights or structures is important.

A little more than a year back we propelled an online module store with more than 20 coded modules that Squarespace clients can add to their webpage’s effortlessly. Our vision is to help goal-oriented clients take their sites to the following level, both in distinction and ‘goodness’ factor.

Our code is currently live on more than 8,000 Squarespace sites, and we’re adding to our scope of modules consistently. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to add Seers cookie consent to your Squarespace website.

How to add a module

To add a module to your Squarespace site, Square Plugins send you the code, alongside point by point guidelines on the most proficient method to include it from your administrator board.

The costs start from $6, which isn’t really awful, albeit a portion of their better modules (like the module which takes into account video foundations) cost as much as $59 – which isn’t truly sensible.

The Need For Official Squarespace Plugins

Prefer to see Squarespace relegating their own modules, as well.

A prospering outsider module advertise is something to be thankful for (simply see how well the WordPress people group handles its own module needs).

Besides, the need to physically embed code into your site isn’t perfect. The need to deal with code will just estrange amateur website admins.

This delayed distance from modules prompts an issue which I feel is developing inside the web designer showcase overall:

In the event that you take an example of sites worked by Squarespace. You’ll see that they wind up conveying negligible usefulness with comparable plan components. This cause them look and to feel fundamentally the same.

I will allude indeed to WordPress to delineate my point here.


It gives highlights like programmed social sharing, site speed changes, picture displays, related substance gadgets, and substantially more.

I’d actually love to see a Squarespace equal to what Automattic have created for WordPress. That extra modules would open up a totally different universe of opportunities for the its people group.

For the present however, it’s acceptable to see outsiders like Square Plugins venturing up the plate.