Top 5 Internet Security Courses

Do you want to learn about cybersecurity or internet security? In our complex world of digital tools, attackers and defenders, basic rules can help you get through. With basic cybersecurity training a little goes a long way.

In order for you to get through, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the latest information and tools available in the cybersecurity world. This is where the following top 5 cybersecurity courses will be useful. We have put together a brief evaluation of how they can help you become a cybersecurity and data privacy expert.

Will the cybersecurity courses help in expanding your skill set?

There are several benefits and disadvantages that may confuse you and hinder your ability to make a decision. So, here is a brief comparison that will help you decide. It covers some of the key benefits and disadvantages of pursuing a cybersecurity course.

Advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a cybersecurity course:

Increased awareness of and authority on the subject.Time-consuming.
Increased understanding of prevention measures for certain cyberattacks, legal fines, litigation and negligenceCan require a subscription to the platform offering the training
Creates clarity on the legal requirements expected of organisations on the subjectDifferent legal courses may be needed depending on the extent of specialisation and depth you want to aim for
You may be able to offer privacy advice to organisations in a professional capacity

We can clearly conclude that yes, completing cybersecurity courses will help you by enhancing your expertise and knowledge on the subject. This knowledge can be extremely beneficial to the organisation that a course seeker is part of. The training may help in preventing litigation and legal issues by enabling the user to implement the appropriate prevention measures in their organisation.

Organisations can reduce their overall expenses and cybersecurity issues with the help of these newly trained individuals. So, if you want to be a greater asset for your organisation or develop your current skill set to improve your resume then these courses can help make you a very sought-after resource.

What kind of content is offered in these courses?

These courses elaborate on the common human emotions that hackers like to trigger, to trick you into giving them access to your money, personal accounts, systems and company network. This may enable and empower you to identify and end potential social engineering attacks, by spotting red flags in phishing emails, text messages and phone calls. The courses work on basic examples and premises that make it very easy to comprehend, remember and enforce the increased awareness into your daily work routine.

They should also help you to securely configure your browser to block malicious scripts, cookies, trackers etc. as well as maintain good privacy/anonymity on the Internet. The courses also break down the security settings available in various devices such as those powered by Windows, Apple Macs, iPhones, Androids etc.

A list of potential careers

The courses will also enable you to pin down a list of potential careers in cybersecurity. They can be a valuable resource in your learning curve, professional growth, and an important tool for career development.

In order to demonstrate your competence, these courses also contain quizzes and projects that serve as evidence that you have clearly understood and mastered the subject. Some of these tests are designed to check the user’s understanding and retention of the covered topics. This makes it easier to implement prevention measures in the future and validates your knowledge and learning obtained through the successful completion of the training.

The basic training combines key terminology, basic system concepts and tools as a cohesive introduction to the cybersecurity field. They should give you access to systems that will help in critical thinking and its importance to anyone looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

List of the top 5 Internet security courses

Here is the list of the top cybersecurity courses that you can do online. You may not need to do all 5 as they are each suited for different needs and levels of learning. Should you require only a basic understanding of the cybersecurity law, complications, technologies and attack prevention then the first one will suffice. This is also one of the shortest training courses in the list.

Should you need more advanced information on what cybersecurity actually is and how you can learn more advanced methods to defend an organisation from potential cyber-attacks, and other issues then the second course will be more suitable for you. This course is also targeted towards beginners who may need a little more insight to the cybersecurity world. This course can be used as a guiding light for someone who would like to become an online expert advisor.

If you wish to go into further detail, then the third course would be ideal for you. This course contains some broader knowledge on the tools and techniques required by an organisation to successfully manage and maintain their cybersecurity. This course is a bit longer and will give you additional information on the various ways to combat legal and illegal threats to an organisation.

Advanced insight

For more advanced insight into the privacy world, you can select the fourth course. If you have some basic understanding of the privacy world then this course will help you a lot more. This course is designed to help managers, entrepreneurs and experts in battling common issues and concerns faced by various organisations when it comes to privacy and security.

If you find yourself with some extra time and would like to specialise in the area of privacy and security protection, then the fifth course is ideal for you. You can aim to become a leading expert on the matter with this one. It offers downloadable resources to help you along your journey. You may be able to replicate the systems and processes covered in this course to help your organisation.

Breakdown and reviews of the training courses (internet security)

For more information on each of the courses and an evaluation of what they can do for you, you can read the complete reviews below. They cover the features, specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the course content, plan and attendance requirements. We hope this will help you select the right course for your requirements.

1- The beginners 2020 cybersecurity (internet security) awareness training course

If you want to be trained on all the different social engineering techniques used by hackers at your work or home, through email, SMS text, phone calls, browsing, downloaded files, mobile phones, connected home devices etc. then this course is the right option for you. It will help you increase your awareness and understanding of the way a hacker can manipulate your security and device preferences to leverage your information or resources for their own evil good.

This is a visually aided course on how to effectively and efficiently manage all your passwords. You can find proven and effective cybersecurity software to keep your systems private and secure and better methods to confidently manage your emails, business files, computers, mobile devices and Internet browsing.


  • Available on the Udemy platform
  • Risk-free streaming
  • Contains all relevant basics
  • Flexible schedule
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers
  • Contains downloadable resources
  • Can be completed in 3-4 hours
  • Full lifetime access available when logged in


  • You will need to purchase access to it
  • Available on-demand
  • Very basic and quick

If you want to feel safe, secure, and maintain your privacy on the Internet, then this course will be an educational and insightful learning experience for you.

2- Introduction to Internet Security

This course helps you to understand various minor but pivotal and important components of cybersecurity (internet security). You may learn more about cyber warfare, espionage and crime that can directly affect you or your organisation as a manager or entrepreneur.

This course has been designed to help students learn about how Internet security has “morphed” into cybersecurity in the digital world today. You will get access to various research work into reason for attacks and potential defense strategies for various areas of cybersecurity. The common core concepts of cybersecurity can be explored further through this course.

This is a deeper course designed through the help of academic papers, literature reviews, research and personal experience in global projects that has shaped some leading projects and laws in the world today.


  • Firstly, available on the Udemy Platform
  • Secondly, Risk-free streaming
  • Thirdly, contains all relevant information
  • Fourthly, flexible schedule
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers
  • Contains downloadable resources
  • Can be completed in 8-9 hours
  • Full lifetime access available when logged in


  • You will need to purchase access to it
  • Available on-demand

You will be able to work in cybersecurity, focusing on cyber warfare, espionage, crime and defence as well as attacks used via the knowledge and understanding provided by this course.

3- IT fundamentals for Internet Security specialization

As an entrepreneur or a person seeking to become a specialist in the cyber sphere, you must take this course, it will challenge your current level of knowledge. The course has been designed to effectively discuss the recent level of evolution of security based on historical events as well as international precedents in the contemporary world.

Once you take the course you will be able to list the various types of malicious software on your fingertips. In order to build your knowledge base and expertise on the subject it establishes key cybersecurity concepts including the CIA Triad, access management, incident response and common cybersecurity best practices.

You will be able to distinguish and use key cybersecurity tools which include the following:

  • Firewall
  • Anti-virus
  • Cryptography
  • Penetration testing
  • Digital forensics

The instructors and designers of this course are technical architects, Security Operation Centre (SOC) analysts, and distinguished engineers who work with cybersecurity in their day to day lives at IBM with a worldwide perspective.

Through their teaching and training skills you will be able to implement this knowledge in a meaningful and effective manner throughout your career. This information is used to secure IBM and its client’s security systems. So, it is a credible course that will help towards your professional development.


  • Created by and for professionals
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers
  • Contains all relevant information
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Very comprehensive
  • Available in multiple languages


  • This is an online course only, cannot be downloaded
  • Takes 4 months to complete

One of the best things about this course is that the completion of this specialization also makes you eligible to earn the IT fundamentals for cybersecurity IBM digital badge.

4- Introduction to Internet security specialization

If you want to learn about cybersecurity from start to finish, then this is the right course for you. You will get training to understand the main purpose of cybersecurity as a discipline. Moreover, there is going to be training on the identification and authentication processes in internet security. You will also be able to explain the pros and cons of security through obscurity.

You may be able to address foundational issues, rather than just memorizing facts or hearing about the privacy world. This course can help you develop your own systems to assess cyber risk positions in real computing, networking, and software systems. Therefore, this course includes real life scenarios based on practical enterprise and infrastructure deployments to enhance the learning experience.


  • Firstly, Created by and for professionals
  • Secondly, Complete specialization course
  • Thirdly, Suitable for career advancement
  • Fourthly, Suitable for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers
  • Contains all advance level information
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ideal for people with some existing knowledge
  • Lastly, Available in multiple languages


  • Takes 4 months to complete
cyber security course by nyu

Once you finish the course and take the hands-on experience project, you will earn a certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network. Moreover, this will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills in the area of internet security.

5- Introduction to cybersecurity tools & cyber attacks

If you need a course that gives you the background needed to understand basic cybersecurity as well as the remedies available to prevent attacks, then you need to take this training. Through this course you will be able to learn the history of cybersecurity, types and motives of cyber-attacks to further enhance your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals.

You may find useful legal, social and ethical constraints that an organisation or business must be aware of. There is a list of helpful organisations and resources to further research cybersecurity issues in the modern era. It can be the first course in a series of courses to acquire the skills to work in the internet security field as a junior cybersecurity analyst. It deals with the security concepts and security tools that are prerequisites for good security practices.


  • Firstly, Created by and for professionals
  • Secondly, You will need 20 hours to complete it
  • Thirdly, Complete specialization course
  • Fourthly, Contains all advanced knowledge and guides on relevant tools
  • Contains information and training on post-cyber-attack care
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ideal for people with some existing knowledge
  • Lastly, Available in multiple languages


  • Firstly, This may not be suitable for entry level learners
  • Secondly, More suitable to train privacy experts in their field

The completion of this course also makes you eligible to earn the introduction to cybersecurity tools & cyber-attacks IBM digital badge. Therefore, the course is used in a way to step into the privacy and internet security sector in a subject matter expert. You may be able to use this as a guide to career advancement in the field.


Whether you are looking to become a cybersecurity expert or a good cybersecurity manager, these courses can provide you with added knowledge and confidence in the field. Each one of these courses is essential for eliminating cyber-attacks and dealing with the constraints.

So, having the basic and advanced knowledge of cybersecurity (Internet security) and digital world is of essential importance to all businesses in the current environment. Empower your skillset to deal with the contemporary digital challenges via these courses now.