What is a GDPR audit?

Every business in the EU comes under the control of GDPR and businesses must apply otherwise they can be subject to hefty fines of up to 20 Million Euros or 4% of annual turnover (whichever is higher). Given the global scope of today’s digital-based commerce, the GDPR has an impact on businesses across the world (inside or outside the physical borders of the EU). GDPR Audit Program is designed to identify key risks.

Moreover, the GDPR audit program bundle facilitates a holistic framework and enables an organisation to identify key risks and gaps in terms of GDPR compliance and provides a recommendation to close these gaps and mitigate these risks to become compliant with the GDPR. This framework reviews all the data-practices in the context of GDPR. The GDPR audit covers all technical tasks that focus on IT controls as well as policies, processes and procedures across an organisation.

gdpr audit

The components to address audit perspectives

  1. A comprehensive audit program (GDPR Audit Program—Enterprise)
  2. A narrow audit program covering only technical portions of GDPR (GDPR Audit Program—Technical)

For auditors to complete the task of the effectiveness of IT controls on data processing, a technical program must perform. On the other side, a comprehensive plan works on a full range of depth of enterprise-level auditing for GDPR.

The main objectives of the audit

The key purpose of GDPR audit is to evaluate and report to the management regarding the effectiveness of GDPR measures across the organisation in terms of how these are implement, monitor and managed. The results of the reviews of the audits will assist in reducing the risks of non-compliance to GDPR. Moreover, the outcome will focus on GDPR governance and response mechanism.

  1. Firstly, An evaluation of GDPR policies, procedures and processes along with operating effectiveness should give to management.
  2. Secondly, Identify control weaknesses that could result in increased usage of unsanctioned GDPR solutions. And greater likelihood that the answers are not detected.
  3. Assessment of the organization’s response and its impact, besides this also evaluate the management of GDPR.
gdpr audit

Audit Scope (GDPR Audit Program)

The GDPR audit should cover the categories mentioned below.

  1. Implementation of GDPR is directly proportional to the implementation of controls.
  2. To keep on-going data protection and privacy sorted, Maintenance Controls are necessary.

In conclusion, the scope of organizational functions, system and assets to review, will identify by the auditor conducting the audit. The supporting workbook consists of the inventory of possible controls, control attributes and test procedures for the GDPR audit program implementation. So, the list should not be in use without design review and localization.