Seers Group CEO Adnan Zaheer journey

Adnan Zaheer started his first business venture when he was only 15 years old, and he now has over 20 years’ worth of experience in both SMEs and FTSE100 companies. Additionally, he is a qualified ACCA member and passed his MBA in marketing.

As a Finance Director for Arena Flowers, Adnan turned that organisation into one of the UK’s top flower delivery businesses.

Smart Pension is now the second biggest pension auto-enrolment firm in the UK. But, initially, it started as a small company founded by Adnan and a small team. He helped the company grow from only four people to around one hundred in just a couple of years.

During his career, he expressed his views on financial leadership, the importance of the Strategic role and how to have exponential growth. He won financial director of the year 2016 award for fast-growth businesses.

Adnan worked as a senior finance partner at PwC where he co-founded Raise program and was helping companies to grow and raise funds.

Later, he founded Seers and working as a CEO. The company today is working on a disruptive technology system. And, that system employs AI to help smaller companies adhere to data privacy regulations. This kind of technology might help companies better protect their clients’ private information in the near future.

Adnan Zaheer’s ability to make smart economic decisions has helped to secure the financial future of a wide variety of firms. He is involved in various charity work and formal mentor and speaker at NHS, UCL, PwC, Allen & Overy, etc.

Twitter : @adnzaheer
LinkedIn: adnzaheer

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