Google Fined £44m For A Breach Of EU’s Data Protection Laws

EU’s data protection laws |GDPR

EU’s data protection laws

French data protection authority imposed fine on Google because of lack of transparency, inadequate information and for not taking consent on personalization. Though, Authorities said that Google is not informing the people that how they collect data to sponsor personalized ads under EU’s data protection laws.

In addition, Google said that they are trying to study the full decision to determine they’re next course of action.

The complaints against Google were first filed in May 2018 the day GDPR took place by noyb and La Quadrature du Net (LQDN). Consequently, they claimed that under GDPR, Google did not hold a valid legal basis on processing personal data for ad personalization.

Lack of transparency

The regulator said:

  • “The relevant information is accessible after several steps only, sometimes implying up to five or six actions,” the regulator said.
  • “Users are not able to fully understand the extent of the processing operations carried out by Google.

Invalid Consent

Additionally, on the issue of consent the regulator said:

“The information on processing operations for the ads personalization diluted in several documents. Therefore, does not enable the user to be aware of their extent,”

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