Martyn John Ripley Seers Data PrivacyExpert

Cyber insecurity has been a constant threat to online businesses and established personalities. So many efforts have been channeled to the course of enabling data privacy. One man who is leading the efforts is Martyn John Ripley, a data protection officer.

Currently, Mr Ripley serves at Seers Group, a brand that provides cyber and data security solutions to its clients.

Education and Skills

Mr. Ripley attended London Business School where he took a Degree in Business Administration. Because of the training, Martin Ripley decided to build his portfolio around the business line. His major skills are Business Management, Business Development, and Data Privacy. He also speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

The Road to Seers Group

After college, Martyn John Ripley decided to pursue his dream profession — helping companies achieve their maximum growth and business potential. So, he opted to specialise as a Business Relationship Manager. He would offer his skills to companies as a consultant. This stirred something in him and he decided to take a slightly different turn. In 2007, he found himself at Seers as an active contributor. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help clients who are having issues with cybersecurity threats and data insecurity.

Thoughts on Data Protection Laws

Since joining Seers Group, Martin Ripley has been at the forefront in advocating for data protection laws. He is very adamant about GDPR, a data protection law that ensures compliance with respect to AI solutions. The law is designed to help online businesses meet all their regulatory needs without suffering the risk of losing their vital data or comprising their privacy.

As a data protection consultant, Mr. Ripley works with Data Protection Officers (or DPOs) from leading firms around the world and not just Seers Group. He partners with them to ensure the protection of both the online businesses and their clients from cyber threats. He also works with them to help the online community realise the importance of observing the laid data protection laws.

Mr, Ripley works with Seers that fosters interaction between online brands and DPOs. The website was also created to allow online brands and DPOs to access data protection services and get updates on changes in data protection laws.


For Martin John Ripley, the journey has not been easy. This is because cybercriminals are becoming smarter by the day. However, John’s fighting strategy that involves strict legislation is seemingly working. This is all down to the experience that he enjoys in the sector.

Twitter: @martyn_ripley
LinkedIn: @Martyn John Ripley