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Privacy Updates This Week


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This week is loaded with Tech updates and stories.

But first, sadly the Teach world was jolted to its core this week as  Social Media giant Facebook faced the privacy breach of over 533 million users’ data leaked online. Meanwhile, Google has started testing FloC (interest based advertising) in its Chrome.

Furthermore, the U.K in order to protect its citizen’s data paused an agreement with US data-mining company Palantir.  Yet, Alba UK’s Pro-independence Scottish party faces a data breach just hours after its launch. 

Lastly, MailChimp, a famous email marketing platform was declared as a company not following GDPR rules and regulations by one of the German data protection authorities.

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Top‌ ‌Stories‌ ‌and Updates

Facebook data breach results in a leak of 533 million users’ personal data

Personal data of 533 million Facebook accounts have reportedly been leaked online. The data exposed has personal information of Facebook users of 106 countries, including 11 million users from the UK. Read more here

Google starts trial of its FLoC in Chrome

Google announced that it is doing a trial of that Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) in its Chrome which is a crucial part of the Google Privacy Sandbox. Read more here

The UK rethinks about extending the contract with Palantir.

The UK government has paused the agreement with the US data-mining company after signing an emergency contract with the firm in December 2020. A civil liberty organisation, Open Democracy, had filed legal proceedings against the two-year contract that gave Palantir access to the NHS Covid 19 data base. Furthermore, Computer Weekly reports that NHS has also agreed to conducta data protection impact assessment ahead of any new contract. Read more here

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UK’s Pro-Scottish independence party named Alba faces data breach

UK’s pro-Scottish independence party named Alba suffered a data breach just hours after it launched. Estimated 4,000 names of people who had signed up, plus the names of the party’s ruling body, were leaked. Read more here

Mail Chimp is not in compliance with GDPR

Recently, one of the German Data Protection Authorities declared that popular email marketing platform Mail Chimp is not following GDPR rules and regulations. Read more here

EU to allow free flow of data to South Korea

European Commission stated that it has drafted an agreement with South Korea on the free flow of data between two countries, Reuters reported. But the agreement must be approved by European Parliament and the European Data Protection Board, with four years of negotiations. Read more here

European Authority issues the highest fine to date of 8.15 million Euros.

The Spanish Data Protection Authority (“Agencies Espanola Protection Datos – AEPD”) issued its highest fine of €8.15 million for several breaches of GDPR by a multinational telecommunication company and its service providers. Read more here.

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Privacy Updates This Week
Privacy Updates This Week