Freedom Mobile Reported A Data Breach Of Its Users

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A significant Canadian telecommunications provider name Freedom Mobile has recently unleashed a data breach. The breach has uncovered sensitive information which belonged to thousands of clients.

A detailed view of the infringement

Two cybersecurity researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar form vpnMentor enunciated that, “they were able to access a database belonging to Canada’s fourth-largest telco, which was unprotected and unencrypted.” The Database holds customers’ data such as email addresses along with phone and mobile numbers, home addresses, dates of birth, customer types, and IP addresses linked to payment methods.

The researchers informed that unencrypted financial data was exposed. That data includes credit numbers and security codes with credit score responses from Equifax and other credit monitoring services. Account numbers, subscription dates, billing cycle dates, and customer service records of Freedom Mobile can also be estimated.

“These records seem to reflect any action taken within a user account, allowing for multiple entries per customer,” the researchers say. This Data breach was found on April 17, 2019. The telecommunication giant responded on April 24, after being continuously contacted and halted the leaked the day. According to VpnMentor’s researchers, approximately 1.5 million active Freedom Mobile users have suffered by the breach. The Calgary-based Freedom Mobile has re-measured the infringement, claimed that the figure is inaccurate and said that only 15,000 users were affected.

The evidence says

Freedom Mobile articulated that no testimonials have been found regarding misusage of stolen data. Additionally, the internal system of the firm is also safe from hackers.

A Freedom Mobile spokesperson told ZDNet, “We’ve assessed that data from approximately 15 thousand Freedom Mobile customers were affected. We are currently contacting affected customers, and we will provide them with a solution that best suits their needs. Our investigation has revealed that a minimal amount of Freedom Mobile customer data was exposed as the result of a misconfigured server managed by Apptium, a new third-party service provider Freedom Mobile has engaged in streamlining our retail customer support processes.

Freedom Mobile has filed a report with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC), and we are continuing our investigation into the matter.”

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