Compliance Issues And Seers GDPR Audit Program

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, and people around the world are still trying to learn more about the consequences of the new regulations. The law was designed to protect the privacy of European Union citizens. Any company collects and stores personal data of a person resides in the European Union must follow the new EU data protection requirement regardless of the location of their business.

Since the law went into effect, companies have been scrambling to learn how to comply correctly. Many businesses have decided to rely on skilled IT auditors to help them achieve proper compliance. Since this is a new regulation that affects many areas of a company. Auditors face many unique challenges on how to complete audit/assurance services effectively.

We offer a FREE groundbreaking white paper titled “How To Audit GDPR”. It provides essential insights into the most efficient way to conduct an audit.

It also offers advice on the assurance process. The GDPR Audit Program Bundle covers both implementation and maintenance. It also covers an evaluation of GDPR management, monitoring and governing. The review focuses on the General Data Protection Regulation governance and supporting processes that help to manage risks associated with company non-compliance.

We also offer a FREE reference checklist titled “Tips for Auditing GDPR”. It offers even more advice on the topic of assuring General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Companies need to stay informed because GDPR audit assurance is an ongoing process. The new regulation requires auditors to take into consideration the personal data collected each year.

The GDPR Audit Program offered by Seers can help you and your business protect its data and assure stakeholders of company compliance. It is the perfect way to save time and effort while following the new General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

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