UK SMB’s Could Lose Their Business To A possible Cyber Attack

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A Study suggested that small and medium-sized businesses can lose their business to a potentially major cyber attack.

A survey conducted by 501 IT decision-makers claimed that almost 48 percent of small and medium-sized businesses could face or have faced a cyber threat once in their lifetime which could halt their business and possibly they can lose their partners as they may lose their suppliers. Half of them which is 22% already claim that they are no more partners because poor cybersecurity has resulted in a bad relationship between them.

“SMBs can no longer consider themselves as a small target. They need to use their nimble size to their advantage by quickly identifying risks and educating everyone in the business of how to mitigate those risks because people will always be the first line of defense,” said Paul Barnes, Senior Director, Webroot.

Two-third of respondents which is 64% make their life easy. They can adapt to changes more speedily as compared to large enterprises.

You can’t ignore the changes and advancements in cybersecurity. Because they provide updated security from cyber attack and advantages to boost productivity and make you gain new customers.

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