Weekly Privacy Update

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The privacy updates this week cover lawsuits, reforms coming our way, and the changes in the global data protection and privacy framework. Here is what you need to know about what is happening in the privacy world:

Google Home: Two settings to achieve max smart home privacy

This guide by CNET covers the privacy features on Google Home. If you use the smart app to manage your household then you can protect your privacy on Google Home right now with these crucial steps. Read more here

EU leaders to propose regional digital id system rules and funding by mid 2021

The European Union is planning to establish an EU-wide digital ID system, with a proposal due by the middle of 2021, and leaders will seek to fund it with resources from its economic recovery fund. Read more here

Clearview AI: Facial recognition tech company challenges privacy class actions

Clearview AI provides photographic information to law enforcement through its technological advancements. The company is now facing nearly a dozen privacy class-action lawsuits in New York and Illinois. These class action lawsuits cite the Biometric Information Privacy Act, a statute in Illinois that prompted Facebook Inc. to pay a $650 million settlement over its “tag suggestions” feature. Read more here

Canadian privacy law reform is coming

Canada is enforcing an improved privacy law reform. The country will become subject to more detailed and more stringent privacy laws in the coming two years. When the change is enforced, many businesses may be on the losing end since they are not prepared for these changes. Read more here

The Safe Data Act is here

The U.S. is implementing an American Framework to ensure that the data access, transparency, and accountability act represents the latest stage of evolution in omnibus federal privacy legislation. It would also require certain companies to minimise data collection, processing, and retention; designate privacy officers and data security officers; and conduct annual privacy impact assessments. This act shall consolidate US privacy law. Read more here

Importance of data security in the digital age

Effective accumulation of data, its management and ensuring safety is actively becoming a routine imperative for businesses in the customer service industry. Solving data security will lay the foundation of a fair and free playing field for enterprises to prosper. Find out what makes it so important in greater detail here

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