Weekly Privacy Update 19th August

This Weekly Privacy Update is all about the lack of privacy protection in major businesses and how it is affecting their success. These names include Microsoft, TikTok, Apple, Facebook and AVR (Automatic Visual-Facial Recognition) technology.

Here are the top 4 privacy headlines that you should know of.

Cookies used by Amazon, Spotify and Reddit targeted by £9bn privacy lawsuit

Privacy Activists have accused Oracle and Salesforce of harvesting private data without permission via cookies on many popular websites. Read more

iOS 14’s Gamechanger impacts Facebook

Now that iOS users will be asked before their data is collected the game for advertisers will change a great deal. The changes in the advertising are going to create a lack of targeting in the advertising and that can mean lesser revenue for Facebook and its partners. Read more

Microsoft-TikTok Acquisition Under Question

Trump placed a deadline on the acquisition, however, it seems like Microsoft is missing its deadlines to resolve the privacy concerns with TikTok meanwhile. Read more

AVR Technology Under Question

Civil Rights Campaigner took AVR technology and the police purview to the court. The court ruling concludes that there are supposed to be limitations on the way and extent that automatic facial recognition and profiling can be used. However, some of the aspects still hold their legal value under the law in this ruling. Read more

Ireland Report

Our cookie consent solution can help companies scan their websites to determine where their personal data is sent to and receive a full report that will help companies make better decisions on the best strategy for data storage and transfers in light of the recent Ireland Data Privacy Commission Report and the Guidelines. Read more here.

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