Best Shopify Cookie Tools in 2023| Improve Privacy and Consent

When operating an online store, it is necessary to ensure compliance with cookie restrictions in order to preserve the trust of customers and comply with privacy laws. Shopify, one of the most successful e-commerce platforms, provides its customers with various shopify cookie tools solutions. That can assist them in managing and displaying cookie consent banners, tracking user preferences, and ensuring compliance with legislation. 

Such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive. This post will discuss the top six Shopify cookie tools that you may utilize for your store in the year 2023. These tools will not only assist you in meeting the legal criteria that must be met, but they will also improve the user experience and help you earn the trust of your consumers.

Why Shopify need cookie consent?

Shopify requires cookie consent to comply with privacy laws, preserve user privacy, and create a transparent, trustworthy online experience. The GDPR and ePrivacy Directive demand cookie consent. These laws protect personal data and allow for internet privacy. 

Shopify helps merchants comply with these privacy rules by seeking consent from website visitors before setting cookies on their devices. Cookie consent also safeguards user privacy. It lets people choose which cookies to accept and what data to share from their browsing. Shopify lets users control cookies and protect their privacy. Cookie consent improves the user experience on Shopify-powered websites. Cookie customization gives users more control over their online activities. Users can set or disable cookies based on their interests and needs, personalizing their surfing experience.

On what basis do the best Shopify cookie tools get selected?

Several factors determine the best Shopify cookie tools. These criteria decide which tools have the most features, convenience of use, and privacy compliance. Shopify cookie tool selection criteria:

  • Compliance: The chosen technologies should comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. They should allow users to manage their cookie consent.
  • Functions and Features: The top Shopify cookie solutions let merchants customise cookie banners, categorise cookies, manage user settings, and generate compliance reports. The tools should be intuitive and powerful to facilitate cookie consent implementation and management.
  • User Experience: Merchant and visitor-friendly tools are preferred. They should have easy-to-use interfaces, customised cookie banners, and cookie management features. User satisfaction boosts trust and cookie consent.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Cookie tool reputation and reviews are significant choosing variables. User reviews, ratings, performance and customer support are prioritised.
  • Shopify integration: Shopify integration must be seamless. The chosen cookie technologies should work with Shopify’s architecture and APIs for easy integration into the online store.
  • Updates and support: Customer support and tool updates are crucial. Customer support is responsive, and regular upgrades keep the product up to speed with privacy rules and industry standards.

6 Best Shopify Cookie Tools

1. Seers Cookie Banner:

Seers Cookie Consent is a comprehensive cookie consent management tool that helps website owners and businesses comply with privacy rules, including the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. Its main services are:

  • Customizable Cookie Consent Banner: Seers Cookie Consent offers a website-integrable cookie consent banner. The banner lets visitors consent to cookies and other tracking technologies. 
  • Cookie Scanner and Categorization: It classifies cookies by purpose, duration, and data processed by scanning the page. Website owners can create a transparent and compliant cookie policy by scanning and categorising their cookies.
  • Cookie Policy Generator: Based on scanning results, Seers Cookie Consent generates a complete and compliant cookie policy. The cookie policy informs visitors about cookie types, uses, and data processing. 
  • Dashboard: Seers Cookie Website owners may easily manage consents and preferences with Consent’s dashboard. The dashboard shows user consent, including cookie category selections. 
  • Automatic Cookie Blocking: This feature prevents users’ devices from receiving consent-required cookies without their authorization, complying with privacy laws and giving users more control over their data.
  • Compliance Reporting and Audit Trail: These reports show compliance to regulators, auditors, and stakeholders. User consent, cookie categories, data transfers, and cookie policy updates are reported.

Regular Updates and Support: Seers Cookie Consent adapts to changing privacy laws. It automates compliance updates for website owners. Seers Cookie Consent provides solid customer help for cookie consent difficulties.

2. CookieBot:

Cookiebot provides users with a comprehensive suite of services that can be customized to meet their needs. Some of these services include cookie scanning and detection, cookie policy generation, consent management, automatic cookie blocking, compliance reporting, and automatic updates. 

These services assist website owners in meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), maintaining transparency for site visitors, and efficiently managing user consents and preferences.

3. Popupsmart

Popupsmart is a Shopify store’s easiest and best no-code popup builder with a free cookie consent creator. This wizard installs the Cookie Consent Popup in five minutes. Popupsmart’s cookie banner protects your Shopify store from GDPR and other privacy issues. 

Popupsmart’s cookie maker lets you preview your website design while creating the cookie consent popup. It’s simple and helps you comply with cookie rules and get the best results in your store. Use Popusmart for Shopify exit intent popups to boost conversions.

4. Osano Cookie Consent:

Osano Cookie Consent is a prominent cookie consent management platform that offers various services to help website owners and businesses comply with privacy rules, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the privacy Directive. It offers configurable consent banners, cookie scanning and classification, cookie policy development, a consent management dashboard, automatic cookie blocking, compliance reporting, and vendor management. These services assist website owners in complying with privacy requirements, improving data openness and control, and creating visitor trust.

5. Enzuzo:

Using Enzuzo, you can build a personalized privacy experience that customers trust, all from one simple eCommerce privacy platform. This cookie banner tool lets you create and add a Shopify cookie banner in moments. You can customize the template, set your preferences, and choose to display your banner only to visitors in the EU.

The service offers plenty of customization and styling options, so you can pick your own text and link colours, and box style. Visitors to your website can easily provide their consent or set their own preferences with just one click. In addition, visitors can withdraw or modify their consent at any time. With this privacy platform, you can manage your website’s compliance in one place. Besides the cookie banner, you can build and manage a compliant privacy policy that goes beyond the basics and puts the user’s experience first.

6. Cookie Yes:

CookieYes is another Shopify-compatible all-in-one cookie consent management tool. CookieYes integrates best with WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, Blogger, Joomla, and Wix. This technology generates GDPR-compliant cookie consent banners. The solution works on custom websites as well as CMSs.

CookieYes lets you customize and publish your consent popup solely on Shopify. The technology also stores consent answers. CookieYes Capterra reviews offer more details.

Ending statement:

Online stores must comply with cookie laws, and the correct tools may ease the process and improve the user experience. Seers, Osano, Popupsmart, Enzuzo, Cookie Yes, and CookieBot are six Shopify cookie tools that help you comply with cookie consent and privacy regulations. 

These solutions can help you develop consumer confidence, improve data openness, and provide a seamless Shopify user experience in 2023 and beyond. Shopify and its merchants may show their commitment to privacy and provide a safe and transparent online environment by establishing effective cookie consent methods.

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