Shopify Plugin installation of Seers Cookie Consent:

Installing the Seers Cookie Consent Plugin on a Shopify store:

Step 1

Login to your Shopify site.

  • Type in Yourdomain/admin
In Left ribbon:
  1. Click "App" option

In search bar:

  1. Type in “Seers”
  2. Select app “GDPR Cookie Consent –CMP” from list
  1. Click on “Add app” button.

Next page will appear

  1. Click on “Install app” button.

Next page will load:

  1. Type in your “Domain URL”
  2. Type in your “Email”
  3. Click on “Toggle button” to enable
  1. Your “Domain ID” will be generated automatically:
  2. A message “Banner is enabled on your store” will appear and button will turn green.
Go to home page of your website. Banner will appear on website.