Learn how to install cookie consent banner and privacy policy using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Installing the Seers Cookie Consent Plugin in a WordPress site:

Step 1
Create Account on GTM
Click on “Tags” to ribbons in right.
Click on “New” button
Name it “Seers Cookie Consent”
Then click on tag

Click on “Custom HTML”

Paste script provided by Then Check “Support document write”
Choose a trigger to fire the GTM tag.

Click “+” (Plus) symbol on top right corner.

Go to your website homepage. Banner will appear.
Click on “DOM Ready”
Click on “Save” button on right top corner to save trigger configuration.
Click “Save” button to save tag.
Click “Submit” button to submit GTM tag.
Add version Name and description of tag. Then click “Publish” button. Your GTM Tag will be published.