Learn how to install cookie consent banner and privacy policy in BigCommerce

Installation instructions for BigCommerce:

Step 1
Go to homepage of your BigCommerce website

1. Give your login credentials.

2. Press "Enter" on keyboard.

  • Click "Storefront" button in ribbon appearing on left side of website.
  1. New menu will open:

    1. Click on "Script Manager"in sub menu of Storefront.

    2. Click on "Create a Script"button.

Next window "Create Script"will open

1. Write "Name of Script" in field below as Seers Cookie Consent Banner and Policy.

2. Write "Description" in field below as GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance with Cookie Policy.

3. Select "Location on Page" where you want Banner to appear in either "Head" or "Footer".

4. Select "Select pages where script will be added" from available options.

Scroll down for next step

1. Select "Script type" from options "Script".

2. Paste your script which you will get from seersco in this window.

3. Click "Save" button.

  • Next window will appear. You will see message "Script created" .
Go to your website, Banner will appear