An Accountant Fined By ICO For DPA Non-Compliance

Everyone is aware of the new buzz in the cybersecurity world. Penalties are designed for those who shun data protection regulations and not heeding to how important is someone’s personal data. The General Data Protection EU applies to all, from multi-national to micro-enterprises. Any organisation, regardless of its size and significance, stands accountable for not complying with these privacy regulations. Indeed, the Data Breach penalties must be “effective, proportionate and dissuasive for each case”.

A similar case has come across recently, in North London. The Information Commissioner Officer fined a man for offending the Data Protection Act. To illustrate, the person was an accountant and guilty for not fulfilling the requirements of the Data Protection Act. David Darko of Darko Consulting Ltd was ordered to pay £854.20 in fines, and a ‘victims’ surcharge’ of £15. According to the Officer, “The prosecution follows Mr. Darko’s failure to notify as a data controller despite repeated reminders from the ICO of his obligations under the Data Protection Act.”

The investigation department notified the companies who have access to confidential information, “Under the Act, organisations that process individuals’ personal information required to notify with the Information Commissioner at a nominal cost of £35 per year.”