Risk Of A Cyber Attack On Today’s Aircraft Is A Reality!

Nowadays aircraft is safe from cyber attacks said, The Federal Aviation Administration. Similarly, many significant aircraft builders shared the same remarks. But, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Energy enunciated the completely opposite. Moreover, some politicians and aeronautics specialist also raised their concerns over this issue.

Is it possible? Yes, a properly planned malicious attack can likely interfere with the airplane’s network, which could result in disaster.

Besides, there are policies and procedures to minimise the risk. But the fear still exists, that what if someone exploits a minor gap and we can’t realise it.

A Vice Channel Motherboard reported that Government researchers raised their voices on a cyberattack on an airline. According to DHS, there still exist aircraft which are open to attacks due to lack of cybersecurity protections.

The Solution to it:

Subsequently, the industry needs to address the need for regulations that enforce updated and concrete ways to cybersecurity, including penetration testing by independent aviation experts.