Data Breach Reporting: 9/11 Incident Files Held For Ransom

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On New Year’s Eve, an incident happened with Llyod’s of London, Silverstein Properties and Hiscox Syndicates Ltd., and The Dark Overlord claimed that it had stolen files belonging to them. Although they refused but later confirmed because of data breach reporting that the hack did happen. The information which was stolen contains legal records such as non-disclosure agreements, voicemails, and confidential witness statements.

Data related 9/11 Held for Ransom

In a tweet, The Dark Overlord claimed that they had stolen the data. That data consists of more than 18,000 confidential documents after that Twitter has suspended their account. It is reported that initially, the law firm agreed to pay a ransom amount. But then, deviated from the agreement and violated terms of reference, by reporting the incident to the law enforcement agencies. The group is now demanding a second installment in the account of the ransom. And which should be paid in the form of bitcoin and also threatening that it could sell the information gained in a data breach to the parties on the dark web.

The Dark Overlord hacking firm also attempted to prove that they are successful in the data protection act breach by posting some of the sensitive information obtained from other law firms and organizations by posting it on Engadget.

How to feel safe from these kinds of threat?

The latest ransomware attack is proof that data breaches can create havoc. There is so much on the stake if you got attacked by the hackers. Plus this could also put your survival and national interests on the stake.

What you have to do if you are responsible for information security?

The trail of the current data breach by The Dark Overlord is still unknown. We would recommend you to conduct a Cyber Secure Assessment to know where you are falling short to fill out the gaps and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and get yourself safe from the groups like The Dark Overlord.

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