Political Parties Of Australia Stuck By Cyber Attack

Cyber Security

Main political parties from Australia struck by a cyber attack from a “sophisticated state actor”.  Especially when there is a little time in elections, reported by the Government on Monday.

It is said that just ten days after their computer networks became subject to a “malicious intent”. Now, they are forcing the government to order an investigation to make a strategy for cybersecurity.

Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison told the parliament that countries cybersecurity enforcement bodies are acting rigidly to confront the hackers. He further added, there is a starting view that state actors were behind this attack. He said, there was no initial evidence of electoral interference. Moreover, he government is doing everything to maintain the credibility of upcoming elections.

“The Australian Cyber Security Centre has recently identified a malicious intrusion into the Australian Parliament House computer network”. He added, “During this work, we also became aware that the networks of some political parties (Liberal, Labor and the Nationals) have also been affected.”

Although, there are no apparent evidences that which country did in this cyber attack. But there is a hint that China or maybe Russia is responsible because they have a history of these type of activities.

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