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A lot has been happening in the privacy world. One of the main things is that the GDPR Fines List of 2020 is out now and the Italians are at the top at the moment. The US Data company Planatir has warned the public and its stakeholders on its struggle with privacy.

TikTok is in the news for its poor privacy framework. On the other hand, LGPD has been expedited. The legal framework was going to be enforced a year or two later but now it is being implemented earlier. This will allow the Brazillian law to be much more privacy-conscious requiring all companies to comply with the data protection rules inspired by the GDPR.

As of last week, there were several public contentions against the COVID-19 contact tracing technology and the role of the government and the ICO in conducting an inadequate DPIA initially for such a sensitive project.

The problem with TikTok

TikTok has been involved in the quicksand of privacy lawsuits from the beginning of this year. The lawsuits keep piling up in various countries such as the US, Denmark, France, and Australia. Despite delays in its acquisition of it’s US operations by Microsoft, the Chinese Video Sharing Platform is not ready or eager to expedite the resolution process.

Truth about the top GDPR fines

According to a recent report, the Italians top the GDPR Fines of 2020. Although a lot of breaches and issues have emerged over the past two quarters and they are likely to be fined as per court ruling, but as of now, Italy is on top. In reality, the biggest fines speculated so far are the Marriott International lawsuit and the British Airways lawsuit. But, now both of them seem to have been relaxed a bit by the regulator. So, for now, the Italians have been on the top of the list with the most fines in terms of their volume.

Data company Planatir under duress

American data company has announced to its stakeholders in an official release that it may become the subject of privacy constraints and evolving international data protection climate. The company considers this as a fair warning concerning its data processing and collection under the light of the change in the EU-US privacy and data framework.

LGPD is ready to go live

LGDP is ready to Go Live. The implementation may be backdated as well. Any violation is expected to be deterred by a fine up to 2% of their sales revenue or about $50 million Brazilian Real (equals approximately £8.9 Million). Seers can help companies become compliant with LGPD. Find out more here

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Privacy Updates This Week
Privacy Updates This Week