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This weekly privacy update covers the changing legal climate around the globe. Get your staff to train in the recommended areas of data protection under the GDPR law and ensure that you are compliant. Seers can help you train your staff on GDPR and become compliant with data privacy regulations via our innovative GDPR Staff eTraining solution that only takes 40 minutes!


Read more about what’s happening in the privacy world below:

Wheely App confides in the ICO

The ride-hailing app finds itself stuck in a no-win situation in Moscow. In a battle between privacy and sales it chose ICO. The problem is that the app cannot reveal such data under the GDPR without extracting the lawful consent and the proper disclosure of the information intended to be shared. Read more here.

Coronavirus: 18,000 test results published by mistake

A major negligence breaching the privacy of thousands of individuals has come forward. According to the Public Health Wales (PHW), most of these cases revealed initials, date of birth, geographical area and sex, accidentally however the identification of the data was not as simple. Could you be one of these 18,000 people? Find out here.

YouTube faces legal battle over British children’s privacy

Another one bites the dust? YouTube is facing a legal battle for breaching the privacy and data rights of under-13s in the UK. Will the court find it guilty as charged? Find out what we know here.

Gen Z customers are a privacy-conscious market segment

The Gen Z is privacy conscious. And this is causing several platforms to change their policies. Snapchat, iOS, Android are just a handful of big names that are willing to do it. Perhaps others will follow suit as well. Read more about how this benefits the organisations here.

Colombia orders Google to comply with data protection rules

Colombian regulators instruct Google to comply with its data protection law. The privacy watchdog discovered that Google’s privacy performance was not up to their standards. Find out more here.

Singapore Says Grab’s Fourth Privacy Breach Is Concerning

Singapore’s personal data regulator imposes a £6,000 penalty on GrabCar for its failure to set up ‘data protection by design’ policy initially. Read the complete story here.

Portland, Ore. passes first-of-its-kind facial recognition ban

Lawmakers in Portland, Oregon have unanimously passed a facial recognition ban. It prohibits not only public agencies but also private businesses from using the technology. Read more about the legal provisions here.

RBI seeks exemption from data protection law

Indian RBI says that the privacy and data protection law does not apply to it. Is it under the purview of the law? Find out here.

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Privacy Updates This Week
Privacy Updates This Week