How to manually install Seers | Cookie Consent Banner in Shopify

Hey Shopify Users!
No need for any development. Seers Cookie Consent Banner is very simple to implement.
Here's how to get Seers Cookie Consent Banner up and running on your Shopify site:

Installation instructions for Shopify
Step 1

Log in to your Shopify account and go to your Shopify admin. From here, you can set up your store, configure your settings, and manage your business. You can also install Seers Cookie Consent Banner!

Step 2

On the admin page, select Online Store, under the heading SALES CHANNELS on the left hand menu.

Step 3

Now, select Themes.

Step 4

Here, you will just click (1) Actions, and then select (2) Edit Code.
The code editor will show a directory of theme files on the left, and a space to view and edit the files on the right

Step 5

1. Now, you will select theme.liquid under Layout.

2. From here, locate the first < script > tag and place Seers Cookie Consent Script provided to you by the Seers on top of every script.

< script data- key=“XXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” data-name="CookieXray" src="" type="text/javascript">

3. Click on Save Button to save the changes. Message Assert Saved shows.

Step 6

Now reload or preview your site Seers Cookie Consent popup will appear.


(Also please note that you must be on a Paid Shopify account in order for this to work. If you are still on a free trial but have not yet entered your credit card, you will need to enter a credit card and continue your free trial.)